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It’s Mimi Quick with a message for ya….(I SEE YOU)

You may be wondering why I would write  about blocks today….

After years of helping entrepreneurs shift, evolve, expand in their businesses one  thing I consistently see is that quietly (unconsciously) many female entrepreneurs are doing this..

Here is what I mean.

You may say that you want a 6 figure business … and that I will help people when ( I am thin enough, know enough, happy enough, relaxed enough  etc)__________fill in the blank_______________.

You may say that you want your clients to come to you in droves but you never create a channel for them to find you..

You want your email list to swell up in a huge love fest of 1000’s but you freak out about visibility issues  and your own fears about leadership.

You want others to invest with you but you are not investing in yourself and your business and even don’t know how to ask for what you believe you are worth.

You  want to make money but underneath you secretly have a horrible scary relationship with money * you are not comfortable with money, you think that everything should be for free but you don’t want anyone to know about that.

You want to be free  feel free and also feel what it feels to have a prosperous business helping people with your gifts but you stop yourself & any BIG plans because you don’t know how and cant see the vision.

So in that respect being stuck where you are is soooooooooooooo good for you. Because you wont ever have to blossom or transform so we can see the REAL You..


1- It keeps you where you are (nothing new, no movement) It’s safe!

2- You now have a place to come back to all the time gripe and complain that you are not moving forward and this is really helping you in some weird way, feel better because its familiar.

3- You are right…and the ego loves that.
If you find yourself here:

Here is what you CAN do:

1- Break out of your shell and take a risk

After all being an entrepreneur you have to be okay with being a risk taker so what do you want to start with today? Pick something you have not done but had on your plate for years and go for it! Go do it!  (get support clarity & direction on your journey or just DIVE Right in)

2– Enjoy being an entrepreneur

You didn’t get into your biz to scare the pants off of you did you? Start being IN JOY all the time about your business.

3- Be Yourself

News flash everyone else is already taken so you have to go with you.. YOU ARE ALL YOU”VE GOT BABY! Fall in love with your quirks and WHO you really are!


Love what you do so much that you want to take your own courses and work with you too!

5- Give Amazing Content

You love what you do right? Then GIVE GIVE GIVE write articles, make videos, create programs, offer your services!

~ Mimi Quick

The Prosperity Muse

If you are ready to be supported on your rich entrepreneurial journey reach out to see what your next best step is with us.




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