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One of the reasons you may be feeling a bit low in your business and life is because of Intuition Overload..

99% of the clients that come to me have had an experience with their Intuition  some say that their experience has scared them..

How come no one talks about this, they ask me. Well I do, I tell them.

Anyway, here are a few signs that you are in intuition overload -ready?

  • You are super tired because you did not get enough sleep last night.
  • You wake up around 3 am .
  • You get too many messages and cannot understand them.
  • You hear, know, see, feel messages and you give waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much energy out (you feel depleted).
  • You don’t charge enough for your services.
  • You listen to and follow people who ruffle your feathers because you secretly are angry and upset about something inside.
  • You know better but don’t do better. (I mean really come on you know that you need to clear your energy with a mentor/process and I’ve made it easy for ya…but you don’t even get on our ALIGN Clearing Calls once a month to take care of YOU or our SHIFT into IT! Prosperity Calls.. )
  • You may be trying to do this all on your own without a real mentor by your side who understands you and how you work because she is gifted like you:)
  • You see and hear things that cannot be explained nor talked to with just anybody – you need a mentor who understands you.

The experiences range from spiritual bumps in the night to unexplained phenomena… but I’ve been doing this long enough I have seen and heard a lot. I promise that you are not the only one going through this awakening process this way and you’ll not be the last.

What can you do?

There are specific steps to take and since I have not met someone with the same gifts *(they are all unique) there are unique steps for you to take.. no cookie cutter processes here. If you want to take a long way around things you may want to try somewhere else. Here you will find ease, honesty, and wholesome values to help you on your way to prosperity.

General Steps:

  • Clear up the people in your life that lower your energy levels.
  • Clear up your own thoughts that lower your energy levels.
  • Clear the energy before and after your client sessions with white sage (you can burn it or you can spray it)

This will allow you to have more peace as well as create a sacred space where energetic mud is not tracked in and sweeping

For a deeper assessment in your business and life and for your first steps to ALIGN and Prosper in your life and business go to clientcare@mimiquick.com and request an assessment for only $197 until Oct. 15th.

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