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Activate Prosperity by Healing your Money Mindset Stuck Points & Emotional Money Blocks

And Step Into Your Next BIG Level



Hello there beautiful soul, its Mimi..

Are you excited to take the next steps and see what your BIG money shift may be in this course?

It’s time to step up and  up-level your thinking, upgrade your energy and move into powerful action in your life and business?

Take a look at this page and read it! What resonates for you..? What is speaking to your desires?

Are you ready to let go so you can make money flow ?


I decided to open our space up to more goddesses…and share that this is an intensive so get ready!

Here is a little bit of what I will be teaching in our BIG MONEY SHIFT 4 Week Program!

What’s the intention?

For you to create a new relationship with money..


Because there is energy, thought, and behavior that is directed to YOUR money attraction and you either attract it into your space or you don’t. Money is a tool we use here…we don’t live in the days of bartering and exchanging seashells anymore.. we can agree on that right?

The conditioning around money has been slightly different for all of us...we made up stuff when we saw our parents fighting about money as we were growing up…. *something like..I am kind person if money makes people fight and act this way forget it I am not bringing it into my space and business!…..this is NOT something you actually say but it all happens underneath the surface in a part of your mind called your subconscious mind.

Everyone has had an experience with money, yes? Yes.

You may have had some icky money messes that brought you to our knees. (which locked in fear and dread for you)

You may even had been trying to get over the energetic blocks and fears on your own, with a coach, book, healer, or cd but you noticed little, some, or no change at all.

Here’s the thing dear one you have built up an imaginary (which seems very real to you) understanding about what money is and means and will be to you!    How did this happen …? it happened over the years around your personal experiences with money. Your sub-conscious mind filed it away.

Your current reality around money is getting you the results you currently have…so are you happy with your results?

Here’s the thing as a coach, healer, sensitive/creative entrepreneur there is a chance that you:

  • Have picked up on low levels of energy attached to money.
  • Are walking around not really understanding why you are not attracting “the kind of money” in your business that you desire.
  • Have deep fears about money that you don’t know how to shake off.

Sound about right?

How is this affecting you and your business?

  • You worry way too much about money and feel tired.
  • Stay up alot at night because your mind and your heart is racing.
  • You don’t follow up with potential clients in your business because you are not confident .
  • You don’t reach out and offer your services because you are in fear.
  • You choke up when it comes to asking  for money.
  • You are not making the kind of money that you really desire.
  • Your sales are down.
  • Your client attraction is not as high as it used to be.
  • Your health, energy, and mood levels are low.

Chin up..

You are in the right place to move forward with understanding more about YOU, Money, and your relationship with it in our 4 week intensive course!

I have seen BIG shifts in attitude, awareness, and more in my money breakthrough intensives.

So, it’s exciting  to teach this intensive to you the women who have stepped up already, and I didn’t want to leave anyone behind….are you ready?

Helping women heal their money blocks is a blessing as I see women transform their lives see their value, get better, their health is better and their businesses flourish it’s a very powerful journey and I hope to see you get started with us here.


We already received a happy celebration from a client who after working with me in her private 1-1 breakthrough session made a BIG money shift and received over $1400 in sales in her biz..YAY!!


Here is how you can join us and say yes to your new relationship with money!

Our Kick Off Call August 13th 10 am PT

All classes are delivered LIVE

You can choose to attend by phone or online.


This is a group format but you will have individualized results and attention..

It’s a 4 week program : Here’s the journey..

We start with a kick off call Aug. 13th 10 am PT

Our Training/Process calls are Tuesdays 10 am PT

August 20th, 27th, Sept. 3rd, Sept. 10th


Our Celebration & Q.A. Calls are on Thursdays 10 am PT

August 22th, 29th, Sept. 5rd, Sept. 12th


You will receive replays of  the 4 Teaching/Process Group Calls & 4 Q.A. /Celebration Calls
All calls are 10 am PT



mimi prosperity muse money

Aug. 20th ~ 10 am PT 

Week 1: Shifting from A Penny For Your Thoughts to owning a successful 6 figure business to a millionaire mindset! Get focused.

clear up the mess and start the healing process. Practical steps and actions you must take to shift!

Aug. 22nd ~ 10 am PT Celebration Call/Q.A.


mimi prosperity muse money

Aug. 27th~ Week 2: Shifting from Picking your Brain to cleaning up the messy energy and

Letting go of the emotional stuck-ness hidden behind every day actions.

Get paid for your expertise.

Prosperity tracking worksheets

Aug. 29th ~ 10 am PT Celebration Call/Q.A.



mimi prosperity muse money

Sept. 3rd ~Week 3: Shifting from lack energy to prosperous actions in your business for desired client

attraction.  Taking the steps that matter with a happy heart. Not just BUSYness.

Process, connection, movement, momentum.

Sept. 6th ~ 10 am PT Celebration Call/Q.A.


mimi prosperity muse money

Sept. 10 ~ Week 4: Shifting from hurting to healing in the area of money ..

Letting go of the pain to prosper ~ increase your confidence and self worth and inner

knowings..feel empowered and rich inside and out!

Sept. 12 ~ 10 am PT Celebration Call/Q.A.


The assignments are your workbook – by the end of the course you will have over 30 pages of Your BIG Money Shift workbook!

My psychic juices will start flowing and we will be adding new things to the group that will help to shift the group, ok?

Freedom is important to me as much as it is important to you so please allow for freedom energy in these courses..  I will be channeling info/teachings so please bring pen and paper to every class and there will be channeled processes to help you shift energetically too..


Are you ready to make a commitment and have a shift in Your BIG Money Shift program?

Here’s the thing I already know that I attract extremely talented coaches and healers into my space who are masters at what they do but get stuck in the area of money.. and that’s why I have created Your BIG money shift with you in mind!

Since I am a super sensitive to people’s energy it only makes sense for me to create a powerful sacred atmosphere to learn in and have the 1-1 contact that you desire in this group setting.

You see I have created this 4 week Your BIG Money Shift Intensive with you in mind…this is not my first rodeo, I started my teachings with Champion around universal laws, consciousness,  and healed myself in1998. I have been leading business workshops since 2005 and leadership teams to success.. I know the spiritual plane very well as I was born with high psychic healing abilities and created a successful psychic healing business too which then brought me to helping female entrepreneurs and women just like you around business, marketing, and money bringing all of my talents under one roof! …………I not only see your stuck points, thinking, energy, and actions I can help you shift them quickly. Cool right!

My clients tell me that working with me is like having your biz coach, life coach, psychic, healer, mindset expert, marketing maven, spiritual leader right by your side!  All in one at one place at one time..


 After first speaking with Mimi, I had my highest grossing income month ever. Then a month later, within a week of my initial session with Mimi, I signed on my highest paying client ever! In Letting Go To Make Money Flow I had big breakthroughs $7000 sales and more. Thank you Mimi for all of your support and all you provide.  You truly are a Prosperity Muse and you have made a huge difference in my life! Mimi is a gifted person and a delight to speak with and be around.  As a friend and colleague, she is very warm and genuine and can quickly identify blocks in the way of prosperity and shift them into great money flow. Vicki Draper, International Vibrational Energy Healing Expert for People and Animals


Mimi shifted my energy & it immediately shifted my business. Because of a simple clearing I was open to receive 2 new clients. If you’re doing all the “other” work & things aren’t working it could very well be time to make a quick shift. Mimi is quick & she will have you on track in no time. Energy truly is everything! Ungenita Katrina Prevost



Are you a good fit for this program..?

Here’s how you know you are not a good fit:

You don’t want to do the assignments.

You don’t listen in to our calls or replays.

You’d rather blame others stay stuck in your old money story, than step up and take action.

You’d prefer to make money your master rather than step up into your higher self and start leading in your life.

You have a negative attitude and complain about everything.

You already know it all…and you don’t want anything to change.


You are a good fit for this program if:

You are done done done with feeling paralyzed by fear around money and you want to change that.

You are ready for a prosperous relationship with money inside and out.

You are happy to have money and receive it but don’t know why you aren’t making the kind of money you really want…

You want to have a better relationship with money and feel good about money.

You want to start to heal your money blocks.. (emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically)..because its time!

You want to embrace joy rather than fear when it comes to money..

You want psychic insight and healing around this area now .


**Our space is sacred and everyone is on their own unique journey I will lead the classes aligned with the intention to evolve and grow so you can have your BIG money shift.. please treat our space and connection with respectful energy. Thank you.

It’s that time..Have you made your powerful decision…?

Just ask yourself is this class/energy/teaching with Mimi going to move me forward to start to have a better relationship with money? Shift? …Transform?


Listen to your heart space.. then close your eyes connect with your higher self.. ask …what message did you get? what did you feel?


Pick the level that feels good to you below:

I wont bore you with sharing that I charge thousands for sessions these days, and after my intensives my clients always tell me to raise my rates to $1500, $3000, $5000 ..because of the value, shifts, and knowledge they received.

I value their opinion but I also know that you may be at a place were you want to learn and I really don’t want money to stop you.. I value what I teach and do price my programs in the thousands but for this intensive I wanted to make sure that the dear ones that need it could be able to join in and begin to create their BIG money shift too.. after all I know the deep value you have and how you can impact the world when you shift your mindset and energy to reflect a whole new energy of money.

** You will also receive extra goodies and surprises I love to give to my groups …. and if you are still thinking about it, wondering if this is for you..I have full trust and faith in the universe that you already know at what level you have been shown to work with me… you just have to take action.

I just made it easier for you to say yes to you ..why? ask my clients they will all give you the same answer: because Mimi cares!


YAY!  I am excited to meet you and  hear all about you and your business 

So you see I have added everything you’ll need to have a powerful experience in our program or more appropriately called Intensive.

There are 2 commitment levels below  for you to choose from – which level is best for you?


Join Your BIG Money Shift  4 week Program ($997 value)

Bonus** 15 min connection call with Mimi ($247 value)

Total Value: $1244

Total Commitment: only ~ $497  (that’s over 50% off)

Total savings:  $747

Secure your online seat by registering now.


Your BIG Money Shift 4 week Program value ($997 value)

(1)  30 min. breakthrough session with Mimi ($750 value)

Bonus** 15 min connection call with Mimi ($247 value)

Total value: $1997

Total Commitment only $997

Total savings $ 997

Secure your online space by registering now.

We are accepting a limited number of people for sessions at this time due to my packed schedule.

(Reach out to Antonios at to secure your spot for this level choice or ask questions.)


I am excited to see you join us and step up into HIGHER energy.


Your Psychic Mentor , Healer, and Coach,

Mimi Quick

Please contact Antonios with any questions

All testimonials are real – you can find more here:

*There are no refunds as we believe that the energy is transferred and the shift is taking place within you.

*We must add this disclaimer: With any program there is risk. We do not state that you will make money with our program this is up to you and your skill level, consciousness, willingness and action. Our program is designed to help you shift emotional stuck-ness, low mindset levels, and bring higher energy to you so you can begin to create positive shifts in your life and business. Again this depends on your level of participation, desire, and motivation to receive results. (this is not a get rich quick scheme)

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