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Our first question comes from an entrepreneur in California.

She asks:

How do I go about feeling better about charging higher rates as a coach? I have wanted to do this for a long time yet the thoughts of: I won’t make any sales. People won’t want to work with me and debilitating fear is stopping me. What do I do Mimi?

Answer from Mimi Quick ~creator of Evolve Your Energy In Business & Prosperity Muse

First of all listen to your heart, I sense that your mind is pulling you of f track here and that is what is also causing your confusion and lack vibes to fester. You have to really see the truth here. You are being called and you are also causing your own block by stopping the flow. If you want to raise your rates do so, take the fear out of the way. What feels right for you here? What do you want to charge for your services? Now go do it. Take action.

You will feel better about it once you actually move through the fear, remember fear is an illusion in this specific case and you have been seeing it as a real obstacle. The moment you shift your awareness around the fear and you begin to see that you are BIGGER than the fear. You’ll feel free when you prove to yourself that you can do it. Right now your mind has more power over you than you have over your mind. Remember use your mind as the tool it is and do not allow the mind to use you. Say out loud to yourself – I now allow myself to prosper easily and effortlessly. See how you begin to feel after that & immediately take action in the direction of raising your rates.

If you are reading this and need more support and coaching around this or another issue or goal you may have, feel free to connect with our clientcare@mimiquick.com team /Antonios will be happy to help you so that you can create an even more powerful anchored results in your life and business a true transformational shift in your being.

If you feel that it’s time and you are ready to Evolve Your Energy In Business  with Mimi – contact clientcare@mimiquick.com for a special next step chat to see where you currently are and what may be in the way of your success.

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