A message from Mimi Quick

To Spiritual Leaders:

I have seen the world suffer much too long, and I want you to know the empowering energy and messages that I have received directly from Divine Source today to help you on your business journey. I have done my best to translate the language of light which is energy into a simple message for you.

If you have been noticing some wacky energies – we are being taken back in time to review and react differently. Have you reacted the same? Have you shifted? What is your new outcome?

Hold your vibes up and keep your chin up ladies and gents we are almost out of the internal karmic ping pong. Some of you have felt it in your bodies this week, others in your money area, and some of you in your relationships… JUST BREATHE ~

(we are walking out of thick heavy energy and stepping into light) You can do it, keep thinking higher vibe thoughts no matter what, feel good, watch a comedy, meditate (download the mp3 at www.mimiquick.com)
and relax with a cool salt bath to cut energy attachments, sage your home, send love and light to your family and friends and everyone you come in contact with. (let’s be clear here we are not doing this from fear energy but from an empowered energy of divine light and creating our sacred space, ok?)

It will pass quickly as long as you stick with higher thoughts, words, and feelings- again no matter what you are feeling and sensing – it is a heavy time for everyone energetically, it will clear. You will feel a release within a few days if not sooner. This is especially important around sales in your business.

This is because we are ascending more of our fear thoughts and moving into light frequencies…its going to feel different and our bodies take a bit longer because of the matter to get used to the physical 3rd dimensional world. Our vibes shift instantly as you all experience in my classes or 1-1 calls with me.

Don’t get thrown off your alignment you have made great progress! Get stronger in your truth, your mission, your life purpose and your deep reason and love for what you do *(your gift, how you help others).

The universe is here to support our every step. In anything we ask. It is through our thoughts, actions, words that we ask. Get conscious of what you ask for …and shift it to match what you really want to experience in your life and business!

Love and Prosperity,
Mimi Quick

Please share this with your friends as my mission is to:

Awaken ~ Empower ~ Align 1 million female spiritual leaders to own their true power, live their life purpose, clear out energetic, mindset, and emotional blocks so they can be prosperous in their business and life! (Being Free to HEAL their relationship with Money!)

I am holding a special call:
For Spiritual Leaders like you who are ready to breakthrough their money mindset, energy, and emotional barriers and clear out what has kept them stuck, small, sick, and in lack consciousness so now they can claim a new experience of True Prosperity, Freedom, a Wealthy Consciousness and Money Flow!

And I will also have a special announcement on how you can continue to receive insights, mind-shifting breakthroughs, wealth consciousness energy boosts emotional clearings, and so much more for your business success! Here is your special Invitation to join us:

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