I am celebrating my clients success today!!

I received a happy call from my client who after stepping into the next level and privately working with me she sold $10,000 in less than 30 days.

For some of you selling is bad word … and you may feel turned off  or a bit intrigued by me even talking about it here in my blog but think about it… You go to the store and buy something how did you acquire that..? You bought it right? Someone sold you something. Or you needed something and you bought it.

It may be hard to soak in but Money and selling are part of our world and business.

We can’t stick our heads in the sand and hope that this scary feeling goes away. Trust me that won’t work!

As an entrepreneur this is something that you will have to face everyday of your business if you want to be successful and Thrive!

Everything is sales.

As a “feeling” entrepreneur, coach, or healer you care about people deeply and you want to help them transform is some way end their suffering just like I do with my clients.

But until you get good with sales inside and out your life and business will not change nor will our world because you will not help the people you are meant to help.

If you are good at what you do you may be wondering:

  • why do sales suck so much happiness energy out of me..?
  • Why does all your stuff come up right when you are getting ready to take a leap.

Well let me tell you…

If you are like many entrepreneurs that I have met they desire to have better sales….but they are BLOCKED.

They desire better connections….BUT they are BLOCKED.

Here’s the truth.

Having hundreds to thousands of 1-1 enrollment conversations myself for my businesses, I have learned how to teach my clients and you to have prosperous enrollment conversations too.

Here’s what I see:

Female entrepreneurs are missing some very important keys to prosperity to here. To me because I know how to spot them they stand out like a Pink Elephant in conversations but I realized that most people are not even aware that they need help with sales they think its something else in their business and they waste a lot of time on distractions. Here are the 6  Keys To Boost Your Sales And Have Happy Clients Enroll Into Your Programs

6 KEY Areas you need to BOOST  right away to have  meaningful and prosperous conversations that lead to happy enrolled clients now are:

  1. Increasing Your Confidence Levels
  2. Clearly Defining Your Focus Levels
  3. Understanding Your Alignment Levels
  4. Clearing Any Subconscious Money Blocks
  5. Knowing Yourself, Your Offer, and Your Perfect
  6. Do It For The Right Reasons

There may be other reasons why you are not being as successful as you would like to be in sales..

Here are the reasons why some of my clients were STUCK….

When I assessed clients I found  that:

  1. They don’t have a sales process (at all)
  2. They are not confident in what they are offering (and sometimes do not even know what they are selling.)
  3. They are following an entirely different process that is not customized to their business.
  4. They lack experience and self motivation to successfully get rid of their money issues (even if they say they have none).


If you are struggling then it’s time you stepped up and into more prosperous and happy sales conversations…sign up for our Museletter www.mimiquick.com


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