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Friday April 8th at 10-12 Pacific /1-3 Eastern

#1 Best Selling Author Mimi Quick


It’s here! The 2 hour workshop that will inspire you, motivate you, and empower you to greater prosperity.

This is an experiential workshop and will be done ONLINE LIVE & recorded so you can listen to the recording whenever you want.

You’ll be able to send questions through the queue – you’ll go through powerful processes designed specifically for the book and you’ll do the exercises right on the online workshop.. you can attend by phone or by using a link to listen online through your laptop or mobile device.

If the day and time doesn’t fit your schedule not a problem. Sign up and go through the workshop live or go at your own pace and you’ll still get all the goodies below.

First let me tell you what I have created for you!

I am so jazzed about this and the quality time we’ll have together. (Its private for 12 participants 7 spaces now open for this transformational workshop and bonuses.

Registration closes:

April 7th  (12 midnight pacific time)

It is super private:  just a phone line to listen on- or your computer to listen in on and participate if you want through the queue. That’s it! No silly videos to watch, no hoops to jump through.

Sign up and you’ll get all the call in info in your email inbox. Simple!

I will be guiding you every step on the way, this is not a big clump of folks talking all at once or some kind of gathering. No, this is a very powerful spiritual coaching environment that I create and have done so for years, it is done this way to help you get focused, no distractions, and stay centered with what we are here to accomplish.

Due to my heightened psychic abilities, healing,  and telepathic communication I utilize my gifts and transfer energy and assist you on your shifts.

During my workshops people feel lighter, receive immediate healings, open up to more joy, feel less pain, have released 40 years of emotional baggage and have attracted 6 figures into their businesses.

Once you say YES to join us here is everything that you’ll get:

A 2 hour packed transformational workshop lead by me, Mimi Quick (where you’ll decide on one goal that you’ll want to focus on & defy all obstacles to it emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually . It could be money, business, relationships, health, Your Choice.

(I will help you get specific in the workshop!)

Getting clear in part of the process here.

We’ll deeply move through the emotional, mental, physical, and energetic parts of YOU – your ENERGY centers to DEEPLY look at the specifics of your topic that you’ve chosen to defy all obstacles like money, business success, relationship matters, branding, whatever you decide to work on.

Then I will walk you through a powerful process to unlock the flow and to allow your desired prosperity to blossom.

There is much more of course but here’s what I want to know from you?

Do you really want to Defy All Obstacles to your Prosperity? Or are you stopping yourself. Come on, if you are stopping yourself from getting closer to your next level then I am going to invite you to rethink your decision and say yes to yourself here.

What is possible for you if you join us?

Greater peace?

More money?

Deeper relationships?

Better Business?

It all begins with you saying yes to the opportunity that shows up. This means change, this means something different, this means that you are proactive and not sitting on the side waiting for a HUGE wake up call, because we all know those are not pretty, right. So trust yourself even a little bit for now, say yes, and let me help you on your journey to Defy All Obstacles to YOUR Prosperity – whatever you decide either builds onto your future or keeps you where you are.

You’re either going forward or you’re not. It is up to you on what you will decide but I wouldn’t be a good teacher if I simply let you run away here and not make a yes or no decision. Part of your success and prosperity will always come from making DECISIONS.

Consider this your first real teaching and tip and we have not even started the workshop yet!

I will be watching for you name to come through the queue.

So what are your bonuses?

You’ll get the recording to add to your Mimi Quick Library or to go through it at your own pace at any time, that’s lifetime access right at your fingertips and you wont have to log in to get the info, you’ll download it right into your computer/laptop file folder, YAY.

Bonus #1 (Woohoo, your very own copy to read through and refer to ) You’ll get an autographed book Defy All Obstacles to Prosperity shipped to you anywhere in the world! ($15 Value)

Bonus #2 (Here’s where you can take it to the next level) You’ll get a 20 min. personal consultation with me – you can use this to tell me all about your business and /or your life & all about your experience in the workshop as well as to see what is next for you based on the work you did in the workshop. ($147 Value)

Your investment for the 2 hour workshop and ALL the bonuses which include 1-1 time with me is only $297!

click here to enroll now:

 If you’re having trouble with the sign in link email

Once you sign up – you’ll get a welcome email and the call info for the workshop right into your inbox.

You’ll set up your call after the workshop is over to maximize all of the work you’ve done.

Only 12spaces 7 spaces now open for this transformational workshop and bonuses.

Registration closes: April 7th  (12 midnight pacific time)


Q. What if I haven’t read the book?

A. No worries, you can read it after. The workshop will build on it but the individualized processes are priceless. You’ll want to go through these.

Q. Can I pay later?

A. Not for this workshop this is a workshop delivered real time, with real energy, and real insight, I have many years and hours and knowledge that I pour into every workshop so if I am in 100% + I want you to meet me at 100% ok?

Q. Can friends join me?

A. You can invite friends, yes! They can purchase a ticket, please send them to this page.

Remember: You only have an online ticket for YOU to this workshop just like an in an person workshop you wouldn’t just bring a bunch of friends without having them sign up first, I expect the same respect from you here. That comes from a scarcity mindset masked as a generous mindset- you are enabling others to be dishonest and steal, does that sit well with you? It doesn’t with me. So the answer is, no, they will have to come to the call with their 100% and that means that they have to buy a seat to the workshop.

Q. Why do you price your workshops so low?

A. I really want everyone who is ready to attend and feel good about the value that they are getting. I can charge a lot more and I have – but for this specific workshop I have a strong feeling that $297 even with the bonuses (like 1-1 time with me that goes for thousands of $) no one does that by the way, I want you to see that I bring a level of love and care for you that you cannot find anywhere else.

Q. Do I need to read the book before I sign up?

A. If you’ve read the book great! If you haven’t no worries. I have designed the workshop to go deeper into what I have shared in the book however it is not a prerequisite, you’ll get value from the structure that I will guide you through step by step.

Q. I have more questions .

A. Great! Send them to clientcare@mimiquickcom and my team will be able to answer them for you promptly.

#1 Best Selling Author Mimi Quick

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