How to Spot A (Money) Block Call & mini Workshop
Thursday, June 2nd
10 am PT/1pm EST


Mimi Quick, The Prosperity Muse & Psychic Business Mentor will share with you :

  • The 4 areas of How You Can To Spot A (money) Block – The obvious * The Past * Fears * Illusions around Blocks & MONEY

  • Go Through A mini *MimiQuickProcess

  • Become your own PSYCHIC for the next 30 min

  • What you can do about blocks now & next steps

If you’re ready to become your own psychic for the next 45 min as I walk you through some eye opening, heart opening, and soul opening teaching, coaching, and training on how to SPOT YOUR(money) BLOCK?

See you on the call!

Much Love,

Mimi Quick




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