pathresizedDear Ones you know I don’t like to use labels but I am speaking to those of you who call yourselves Introverts,

I am inviting you to a special call:

You Can Have A Successful Business As An Introvert

Date: Feb. 7th

Time: 11 am PT

Come learn how you can begin to prosper as an Introvert

Why you must work with your energy and what will happen when you don’t



Here is what I know about being an introvert:

We love to have our space to think , to process, to be..

We don’t like to be pushed into anything..

We can smell out dishonesty a mile away..

We love to go within and process..

We enjoy quiet time..

We love to read books..

We love gathering  information on subjects that we like/love..

We don’t like loud noises because it disturbs our chi

We don’t like being pushed into sales and being salesy at all

We don’t want to be fake or feel fake..

We care about others..

We love to have grounded, happy, positive people around us that hold good energy.

We struggle with this thinking:

Who am I to do this ..?

Will they take me seriously?

Will I make a complete fool of myself and fall on my face?

And I am sure you can add some more here as you read.. right?

Where are we?

Pretty much everywhere..

We are the  CEO’s and creatives in companies transitioning into being solopreneurs..

The mom’s at home blessing our children as they go off to school..

Traveling to see friends who need us..

Meditating on the beach, in nature, and in our homes…

Yoga class..

Spiritual connecting to the Universe, God, and Mother Earth

In a quiet place reading a good book.

In Mimi’s Classes :)

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