As an Entrepreneur Have you been waiting to “Ask Mimi” (psychic) something about your life or your business, perhaps about your next step? Your new direction, the energy? or….:

Energy Clearing, Dreams, Spirituality, Managing Fear, Your Blocks To Money, Your Business, Your Life, Relationships, Your Marketing, Your Sales, Your Current Mindset and Energy, Your Healing  or Your Self Care Practices, Your Parenting, Your Attraction, Your Manifestation, Your Processes, Your Programs, Connection and so much more?

Well here we go…

“Ask Mimi” is now be a whole new way to connect and ask the questions that you want and receive insight and laser coaching on your specific issue. As a conscious entrepreneur you can get stuck, feel blocked, and really wish that you had a quick shift like Mimi’s clients rave about! Shifting the energy of your business begins with you shifting your personal energy and your mindset/thinking, you will sense a magical shift on these calls and you will also have the opportunity to ask you specific question to receive clarity and insight on what may be happening and what you can shift right now to create a different result in the direction that you want.

So the question for you is are you ready to join the party?

Are you ready to come in and join an Aligned and Sacred atmosphere where you can ask me, Mimi, your burning questions about what you are currently experiencing and perhaps have her peer into the future for you and your specific Energetic Signature.

I am so happy to be able to offer you this connection Every Month for only $47 yes, you may already know that a connection like this with my private clients and 1-1 private work with me, has been over $500 – $1500 so for the first time ever I am thrilled to be able to open this up to all of you in such a blessed, loving, and honest space.

This way you can receive Psychic Insight, Clearing, Answers and Solutions with the powerful insights of ask Mimi! I know that many of you had asked for connection and I feel the energy of this powerful group already!

So what do you receive in this Spiritually Aligned & Powerful Sacred Psychic Healing Space, that I have created for you here?

Every First Week Of The Month:

*1 new topic per month Full 60 min. (channeled of course & detailed for the group)

*Powerful energetic processes (group clearing or meditation or channeled process)

Channeled insight
* Laser coaching for each person in the group who raises their hand

*Open questions
(you can submit your questions by email or ask them right on the call)


All of the information and connection details will be sent to your inbox as soon as you register here!



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