Your first steps to living your gift and being of service.

Hi Dear ones,

Happy Summer Solstice…

It’s been such fun connecting with the ones who raised their hand

and are ready to take the next steps to really live their gift….

which means getting right into clearing up the stuck mindset and energy,

inner talk, and opening up to more of your gifts to SHINE through!


Inside you may be feeling it too, that its time to lead, you have a great big

GIFT and maybe you just don’t know how to express it..or even put it together

and offer it.. or fear is just keeping you stuck in the same place, confused and in lack.


Here’s your ticket to your inner freedom.. your opportunity….your chance to begin to shift out of this..

and I really don’t want you to miss out.


And here’s why..

1) I know what it feels like to wish that someone would see you and your real gift!

For someone to give you honest step by step processes to help YOU on your entrepreneurial path not just a cookie cutter, cut and paste version of what to do ..


Just like I desired to be heard and seen for my gifts and helped by my loving mentor Champion,  I know that YOU desire to be heard and seen for who you really are too and be supported to success.


You crave support as you are stepping out and you want someone who has been there and come out on the other side by your side as you grow and evolve, to help you prosper with your gift.


As a psychic and spiritual leader I can see where you are and where you desire to go, and share with you how you can manage your energy along the way, and as a leadership coach and business mentor I can help you create structure, systems and a plan to get there too!

But the first step is  clearing stuff around your gift first so you can begin to align to live it!

So what does that mean..

This means that there is stuck energy

stuck thinking


stuck -ness

around you and your gift and especially moving forward

weather it is fear or some other cycle that you are running on

either way its time to release this out of your space so you can

1) really uncover your gift to begin to live it

2) start your journey with aligned energy to really starting to live it

3) begin to prosper with it

You may be saying that you have had enough and even hear your souls call but so afraid to answer it at times..

No worries my dears… this is part of the process

I will help you and the group shift into greater consciousness around this.

Yes you are meant for greatness

Yes you are meant for leadership (even though you may not really (feel it at times)

Yes you are meant to LIVE your gift and offer your services to your ideal clients


And that is why I have created our Live Your Gift Summer Program to really get you re-energized, amped up, and help you align to prosperity.


Want to know more?

Keep reading…


What shifts will happen with this group 4 week group program?

1) You will really connect to your gift

2) Look at money in a whole new way

3) Release fears and blocks

4) and feel empowered

5) and so much more..


Now remember we will be shifting energy this is not my first rodeo and I have a proven track record you will not fall through the cracks unless that’s the experience that you choose for yourself ok?

Here is what you get:

Your 1st teaching calls start Tuesday July 2nd at 10 am PST and on Thursday July 4th we will have our celebration call

Our teaching calls are on Tuesdays 10 am PST here are all the dates: July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Our celebration calls where you can ask questions are on Thursdays 10 am PST here are all of the dates July 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Call in information will be provided to you once you have reserved your seat for this training.

Here are your weekly modules:

Week 1- The Gold

Uncovering your souls service & powerfully connecting to it!

Do you know what your gifts are? Are you in harmony with your gifts? Are you expressing them?

Week 2Clearing

Clearing the unconscious blocks, cycles, and fears that show up around your gift and stepping out!

What is really stopping you here.. We’ll take a deeper look together!

Week 3 – Align

What are your real talents and what is really being called for you to do with your souls service/gift.

Are you ready to fully accept and align with your gifts! Really own them..

Week 4- Shift Into Receiving Money

Begin to untangle icky sticky money messes so you can amp up your energy and money vibes.   

Are you ready to look at how your money is being affected here?

And I have made it super-duper easy for you to sign up and right for your pocketbooks too.. because I want to see everyone take their first step to living their gifts..

Now do I really have to tell you that I have charged thousands for my work, that I have worked with VIP’s , facilitated over 300 events since 1998 in business, self development, healing, and have certified people in my teachings, have done tons of teleclasses since 2008 and a whole lot more to get you excited to join… well I have full faith that your trusted guidance attracted you here and that you already know that yes you want to work with me but are possibly wondering how and how much in your investment.

So to make it 100% fair and super easy you can join our 4 week Clear out blocks to Live Your Gift Group To Prosper Summer Program What I have done is offered 2 options:

 Option #1: Private 1-1 work

Open for the first 5 clients who are ready to dig deeper private work/clearing/healing/shifting around their souls service

You will be enrolled as an active member in our group 4 week Live Your Gift Group program ($497 value)

You will receive  additional 1-1 private mentoring (contact for full details):

1~ (30 min.) session call with Mimi Quick your prosperity mentor healer and coach ($750 value)

Total Value is $1247

For the first 5 women who step up: Only 1 space left!

Your total investment as a summer special is only $997
Total savings $250
(again only for the first 5 private women who are really ready to dive deep into your souls service, your personal steps, and clear up the gunk and more.)


Option #2 ~ 4 week Live Your Gift Summer Program (Group Option)

Start with us as a group in July so you can uncover, deeply connect, start to clear out gunk so you can begin live your gift and embark on a prosperous journey feeling free to be who you really are and do what you are meant to do.

You’ll receive 4 weekly Live Group Teaching Calls as listed above.

&  4 weekly Celebration/Q.A. calls

Plus over a 20 page workbook

Which are your weekly Homework assignments along the way:)


Total investment only 1 payment of:
$497 only $297



Reserve your sacred space with us by June 28th. We extended this special pricing for you because of our 4th of JULY Holiday and because I want you to get on a path to LIVE your gift too!

If you have any questions contact Antonios at he will be happy to help you.

All sales are final there are no refunds as we believe that the high energy and the high level coaching is being delivered to you and the energy  is transmitted and it is up to you to take action on what you have learned so you can experience your own results.

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