Calling all the Magical Women in Business…

It’s time to be seen and prosper!

mimi 2013 light path

Sometimes people can’t wrap their heads around the possibilities we hold.

I learned this when I was very young with my gifts (everything came to me easily- I just knew what was the next best step based on my intuition)

Then in business, after mastering the art of sales -reaching sales of over 100k before my 20’s, healing myself from a dis-ease in 1998, running successful businesses 2000’s, in coaching, healing, and education.

What I learned:

Placing yourself in a box is like closing off the possibilities to all prosperous roads – today I ask that you don’t shut down your intuition or keep me caged in your mind as your mentor, as just a psychic, a healer, a business coach, a marketing or mindset coach or just the spiritual gal who loves to help you make money in your business ~ OPEN UP…Awaken to more…

What I know is:

That we can create magical possibilities for you in your business quickly even if you can’t see it for yourself or even if you have never experienced this kind of magic in your life before. Just like I see in my clients everyday.. there is a magical woman who I help breakthrough her blocks in business and money to create a  $5000, $10,000 and even 6 figure sales as well as feeling better and having more time in her schedule than before.

What my psychic self tells me is that:

It’s time to open up to more and be seen for being a magical woman in business this year in 2014 – Are you ready to join our exclusive community and programs where I teach you how to share your message while feeling good about it, empower you to attract your ideal clients, clear out blocks to success, money, health, relationships, offer your services, and market yourself with spirit? Use my psychic ability to help you shift, see a prosperous perspective right on the spot and open up to receiving..? And of course share with you specific step by steps for you based on your genetic makeup and who you are and how you are serving your clients in your business? – You will never find this combination of my teachings and coaching anywhere else because I have created it especially for Magical Women just like you who need the support, nurturing, and practical and spiritual empowerment to create their Magical Business and Life! There is a way and I am so happy to guide you to it and help you step by step to create it.

Are you in? Did you feel a tug in your soul? I know you did because I am speaking to you.. I saw you in my vision and I am writing this for you right now. It’s time to meet. I’d like to invite you reach out here:

Magical Women In Business online event happens this January to attend we must hear from you. This event is to welcome you as a Magical Woman into our sacred space to feel the confidentiality and know that what we work through stays safe in our group.

**I will be accepting only Magical Women In this sacred community who respect and honor my powerful work and themselves. As a magical Woman you can feel good in a place where you share knowing that you are not just a number in sea of people, that you are being heard and I as your mentor care and want you to prosper and be happy in all that you do.

Our  online events are designed to  spark prosperity and joy into your business and life while shifting into being the best YOU Magical Woman there is.



**Exclusive Live In Person Experiential Magical Women In Business Event In Los Angeles is this February only 20 women.

**To attend please schedule a quick call with Mimi Quick here:

The Magic you hold is the key to your gold!~ Mimi Quick

I am here to help you prosper as a Magical Woman In Business… Let’s rock the prosperous vibes of 2014 together!

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