I received this question a month ago and wanted to share my answer to all of you here as well…

Come on now dear ones you know that just about all of you have experienced this right..?

You have worked diligently on letting go of patterns that are not serving your best life and biz right now as well as moving you into alignment with your good but when you start to step into the next level all of the sudden you notice and realize..oops – oh nuts! Is this
happening again..? How.. Where..why.. what the _________(bleep), right.. And you say something like I thought that I released this pattern what they HEY… what do you do..?

First of all when you sense that you are falling into old money patterns the first step for you to do is :

STOP:What do I mean by this..Well, stop what you are doing as soon as you notice this old money pattern showing up..stop even if you are with others or in public stop what you are doing fully get into the experience and what is really happening around this pattern for you..

LOOK: at it with your spirit eyes .. SEE IT as an observer…what is this pattern..what is it telling you..?

LISTEN: To your intuition of course your inner guidance system what you need to really hear… you’ll know when you hear it it will be a whisper, a deep knowing in your heart and even a flash of a picture in your minds eye..

Some action steps you can take are..

Get really clear about your money…

Count your money..

Access your feelings and assess your feelings around money..

Are you happy with your money..?

Is there a shift that you need to make around money in your business and life..

Do you need to dig deeper with me on a clearing session around money issues..or step into our money program..?

Check in and c0ntact Antonios at clientcare@mimiquick.com to see what your next best step may be..

~ Lots of love,

Mimi Quick

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