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You are reading this because you were invited by Mimi Quick to submit your WAKE up moment /story.


Step 1: Please read the PDF click here:Mimi book submission2

Step 2: If it speaks to you then please reach out to us and let us know that you will be sending in your story. (Length: 1/2 page or 1 full page Word Document, in its final draft version that has already been edited by you.)

Step 3: Send your story to us along with your full name, address, email,
a good phone number plus website

This is info is only for our records and connection with you if your story is chosen for this book.

Send info to clientcare@mimiquick.com :Mimi book submission2

You may be a good fit for one of Mimi’s other books too if so we’ll reach out to you….

Many thanks,


Client Care Team for Mimi Quick

Questions? Reach out to clientcare@mimiquick.com

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