mimi 2013 light pathHappy Holidays..

If you are ready to gracefully step into the next level of your business you’ll want to keep reading because I have 2 special options that will knock your socks off! Are you ready to step up and have a prosperous year..? Dare to be GREAT!  Let’s chat..

Option 1:

2014 New Year Psychic Biz Assessment

((Just for a limited time during these holidays))

 Apply for a complimentary 2014

15 minute over the phone private conversation to meet with Mimi Quick and discuss your business goals for 2014 only if you are serious

Mimi will share more about what services or programs will help you best based on the level you are currently in (spiritually, energetically, emotionally, financially.) From this conversation Mimi will invite you to the next step or the best fit for right now if she senses that you are good fit for her exclusive programs/services or 1-1 work .

To apply for a private conversation to see if you are  a good fit for the next step:

Please contact Antonios at clientcare@mimiquick.com and he will happily send you the application to fill out and share more of how Mimi can assist you if it is a good fit.

Once our 1o spaces are filled.. we will accept application but we’ll have to add them to a waiting list, at this time Mimi’s schedule is quite packed with her 1-1 private VIP clients and group programs so if you are serious about creating a prosperous business and life. Mimi will welcome you with open arms..

Option 2: Psychic Business Assessment with Mimi Quick

You are either in A Gifted Healer, Coach, or Female Entrepreneur With  BIG Mission And Vision to help people:

You may be in one of these 4 stages:

Stage 1  *Start Up Level* AWAKEN( Your gifts and what you do, your vision, your why, and You need to jump-start your business create a harmonious relationship with money,

Stage 2 *  EVOLVE (0-2 years of being in business ~ You are a gifted healer, coach, or female entrepreneur just starting out, you don’t have a list or its small, you have a special craft or gift and want to help people. Your main desire is to create cash flow with your business. Break through and Break In… At this level we’ll focus on money, your service/creating a signature program , increasing your confidence level, gain more clarity, client attraction, release limiting beliefs,  clearing out blocks, learn to have effective 1-1 enrollment conversations, learn about selling with grace and ease, what systems to use for what, and more.. )

Stage  3 * ALIGN ((2-4 years of being in business. You’re a gifted  either a healer or a coach who is ready to step up and out to reach more people. You are generating anywhere between 30 -60 thousand dollars. You know what you do is good because your clients tell you.., you love what you do, you want to learn how to market effectively for yourself, speak to your ideal clients, attract more clients, offer your programs with ease re-energize them, and learn to sell from the stage, on teleseminars, create an aligned website, uplevel, and get clear on what business model is best for you right now, tighten up systems and program, and so much more) Online facebook strategies and social media strategies, positioning, advanced sales training, creating a team, programs and systems alignment, full year long  Live event training, how to

Stage 4 *Master Level* Expansion (you’ve mastered your craft, you are receiving money to match the value of your services, you have reached a level of success in your industry or profession. You desire 1-1 custom attention and insight from Mimi Quick to create your certification program, clean up personal issues, team issues, create 6 figure launches, 6 figure events, 6 figure sales , live events, create VIP days that speak to your clients, and more)

Each one of these stages are different.

You’ll face different problems/ issues  to work  through practically and energetically~ inside and out.

You’ll have different levels of goals to reach.

You’ll need different levels of service to support you which I can help you with.

Your energy and needs are different at each level and must be addressed and take action.

Option 2: Psychic Business Assessment with Mimi Quick

You’ll know you are ready for this level of service because you will want everything below:

  1. To get moving in the right direction in your business and stop spinning your wheels.
  2. Get clear about your 2014 business year and what your money maker is.
  3. How you specifically must align practically and energetically to make more money in your business today.
  4. Clear out what is holding you back on a subconscious level, physical level, and energetic level. *Through one of Mimi’s prosperity muse breakthrough processes.

Mimi will look at your business with you inside and out:

  • Pinpoint  blocks.
  • See what needs shifting on several levels.
  • Quickly assess your sales process.
  • Marketing and inner work.
  • Look at your current systems.
  • And share your next best step!

.. If you are saying YES! This is for you, then all you need to do is secure your spot by 1/10/2013

to receive  generous special holiday savings….

$497  secure your appointment only $397

Mimi will take you through her:

*Prosperity Muse check list

*A psychic business reading and energy test.

*You will have a plan in hand and an a divine assignment to complete.

**Plus …you will also receive a 15 min. follow up call after your assessment with Mimi Quick to check in and make sure you have absorbed all the info and are on track with your assignments from Mimi. *($297 value)

**And a Special Bonus: You will also receive 3 full months of Shift Into It Prosperity Group Calls ~ Helping you stay in alignment  and increase your prosperity vibes.. ($300 value)


Option 3

If you are ready for more you’ll want to read this *((BEST DEAL))

You’ll receive a Psychic Assessment with Mimi Quick ($497 value)

You will also receive a 15 min. follow up call after your assessment with Mimi Quick to check in and make sure you have absorbed all the info and are on track with your assignments from Mimi. *($297 value)

You will also receive 3 full months of Shift Into It Prosperity Group Calls ~ Helping you stay in alignment  and increase your prosperity vibes.. ($300 value)

PLUS …You can step into our (digital online 15 week Evolve Your Energy In Business Aligned System for Female Entrepreneurs……($3000 value)

This service is valued at $4100 but you will not have to pay anything close to that not even half of it or even a third you will get all of the above the private 1-1 psychic business assessment with me, Mimi, the 15 min follow up call, the full 3 month Shift Into It Calls and my Evolve Your Energy In Business System helping you create confidence in yourself, your gift,   and at this time and only for a few days you will be able to secure your 2014 Psychic Business Assessment for only $397

You will want to hurry now and sign up to receive this holiday special pricing:

Once your payment is received we will reach out

reach out to Antonios to save your spot.


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