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Transform Your Relationship with Money

(4 week Program)




Answer these 3 questions..
1~ Are you ready to clean up the energy, emotions, and mind-set around money so you can have a new prosperous relationship with money?
2~ Are you ready to open up to receive?
3~ Is it time to heal in this area?

If you answered yes to one or all three questions then please keep reading.. you are in the right place.

Nothing changes in life until you first make a decision in the direction of your desires.

If you still can’t place why  money is something that eludes you .. then I am going to tell you that it’s because your beliefs are out of sync here.
As you may know I have been empowering people for over 20 years now and women to heal and prosper for a decade. When I sat down with spirit and channeled this new specific 4 week program that I will be guiding and teaching you, I was so excited for everyone who would experience transformational shifts…

Being psychic I can see your blocks in your body, energy field, and mind. I wanted to create a program that would be easy for you to follow and give you everything; not just part of the answer but the entire experience of “Open Up to Receive”

…and if you are wondering these are proven spirit -led, energy based, & proprietary metaphysical healing processes that I have created with Spirit!

My private client results were amazing they received high 4, 5, and 6 figures in their businesses, increased their self worth, eliminated lack, stress, and blocks. I wanted to open up space to have more women just like you benefit too… so I created this program to empower you on your journey.
These are powerful teachings to experience, learn, and apply for yourself .

If you are serious and are ready to invest in yourself please read on..

If you are waiting for something outside of you to change your circumstances or your money flow you are looking in the wrong place! The truth is that the answers are within YOU!

Do you really want to wait a lifetime to figure that out? This is the part that is the hardest for women to understand.. they really think that something outside of them is going to make them prosper, money, or… but the real secret is inside you.. when you shift your thinking, clear up energy, and align inside first you will see results on the outside!
Here’s exactly what you’ll receive in this Intensive:
Every Wednesday LIVE teaching & Psychic Coaching Class Group Calls
starting May 28th at 10 am PT

Week 1

Module 1 Money Mindset:* Open up your mind- to receive now! Learn how to develop and attain a strong money mindset in 3 easy steps.
*Learn 10 money mindset rules never to be broken..
*plus you’ll go through a proven Prosperity Muse Process to begin to activate receiving money, gifts, & prosperity.






TransformYourRelationshipwithMoneypicWeek 2

Module 2 Money Healing: Open up your emotional channels to receive now! During a powerful Prosperity Muse Money Healing Process you’ll clear out 3 past and present barriers PLUS (any stuck emotions stuck in YOUR BODY) so you can begin to activate the energy to receive now.





TransformYourRelationshipwithMoneypicWeek 3

Module 3 Money Energy:
Open up your energy centers to receive now! How to RE- ENERGIZE your money attraction channels and manifest with a proven Prosperity Muse Process. Plus create a new vibrant money story that you love through your creative genius.




TransformYourRelationshipwithMoneypicWeek 4

Module 4 Money Intuition: Open up your Intuitive channels to Receive now! Strengthen your Money Intuition with a proven Prosperity Muse Process ..Connect with numbers, support, Insight, and begin to trust yourself with Money
*In Open Up To Receive 4 week course intensive you will get: the energy and mindset shifts every week as well as the 4 assignments to keep you aligned as you grow and evolve as well as a weekly process that I will guide you through live on the calls. All calls will be recorded and you’ll be able to keep them in your library for years to refer back to as needed.



mimi pic sparkBonus # 1 Celebration Call: Wednesday June  (TBA)
This call will be open for your questions, comments, celebrations, shares, a-ha moments, and more!

Vicki’s Success Story: After first speaking with Mimi, I had my highest grossing income month ever. Then a month later, within a week of my initial session with Mimi, I signed on my highest paying client ever! Thank you Mimi for all of your support and all you provide.You truly are a Prosperity Muse and you have made a huge difference in my life! Mimi is a gifted she is very warm and genuine and can quickly identify blocks in the way of prosperity and shift them into great money flow. Vicki Draper,International Vibrational Energy Healing Expert for People and Animals

Terri’s Success Story: “I had a session with Mimi and it really got to the root of what I was feeling. We did some intense emotional work for me and the next day my restaurant sales skyrocketed. Mimi’s style is gentle but effective. Thank you so much Mimi!” ~Terri


Is it time to heal your money blocks and bust through barriers so you begin to receive…

I will help you all:

Re-program your mind..

Re-set your energy..
Re-energize your relationship with money

and more…

So you may be wondering how do I register and what’s the investment, Mimi?

This program is a $497 value but you can save your sacred seat and $200 when you register by May 25th and pay only $297!

We extended the $200 savings until May 26th, 12 pm midnight due to the Memorial Day Holiday!

Register Now!





(*The email that you enter during check out/payment is the email we will send class info to(please check your inbox).

Contact Antonios., Client Care manager clientcare@mimiquick.com  to help you process your registration for this class or with any questions.


* I am excited to share more insights with you.

If you would like us to help you register  over the phone and run your credit card payment contact clientcare@mimiquick.com

This is a one time program and the truth is I don’t know when I will be doing this program again so if you want to Open Up To Receive & Transform Your Relationship With Money now.. join us.

Still thinking about it? Hmmm…

Do this..

Prosperity Muse JUST A.S.K. Process
Prosperity Muse “Just ASK” Process!

Step 1:

A~ Ask Divine Source to help you make a clear decision, ok?
(focus on divine energy not fear or lack)

Step 2:

S~ Sign, ask Divine Source for a clear sign to be given to you so you are 100% clear that YES this is for you!

Ask divine source for support and that all your needs are met as you step into this intensive/journey. Speak your commitment out loud. The universe will hear you!

Step 3:

K~ Kick Up your heels in JOY and stick with your decision knowing that the universe will provide. Kick mind chatter to the curb, kick out negative vibes and kick out any lower feelings about you being in this program.

Get ready to OPEN UP TO RECEIVE! YAY!!

Trust the process.

Contact my assistant Antonios at clientcare@mimiquick.com, with any questions about the program, ok?

Love and Blessings to ya,
Mimi Quick
P.S. See you in class!


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