Prosperity Muse Business Breakthrough ~Go Clear The Past To Create Your Future!

 Do you desire to find out  answers? Want to know why? Where did this deep pattern or stuck point come from?

Are you ready to let go and Add more flow and more ease in your business and life?

Perhaps more peace? By seeing the past and coming back with a whole new perspective?

Are you experiencing any of this..

You are having little but annoying “Issues” in your business, and life..

You have Pain in your body, business, and or relationships..

You feel Heartache and Confusion around receiving prosperity and money in your business..

You just don’t know why you can’t ask for what you really want in your business..

Your business is running perfectly and then something happens and it stops the flow..

Have unreasonable fears, some real fears  in business or you just waste so much time wondering where they came from..

You go in and out of your power and then feel guilty about it or you even begin to feel very low energy around what you really desire to do with your talents, gifts and abilities..

Or you just may be stuck?


.. but you don’t know why…

Then the Prosperity Muse Group Past Life Clearing Series is designed to give you greater insight into why all of this is happening right now for you.

And if you are like me you want to know what that is so you can move past it, right? So finding out where it may have all originated is pretty huge isn’t it. It was for me! Yes you read that right in 2007 I was mesmerized by past life work and I actually was certified in the art. However as a psychic I downloaded and channled process that were helping people clear so I designed a whole new way of going into the past getting the lesson and coming back free to be. Not tangled in the past and ready to be in the now and create a prosperous future!

I have to tell you that my world shifted when I got clear about who I really am and all of the gifts I have to offer and also how I have been doing this for many, many, many lifetimes. When I first had a series of sessions in 2007 I was so amazed with what opened up for me. I became certified in past life regression and then developed my own processes customizing them to my clients needs as I mentioned above. …BUT what really happened is that I healed a really big part of me and I let it go. I saw into my past so I did not create the same mistakes, patterns in the now…you understand what I am talking about right? Once you have the understanding deep down in your heart you see it for what it is and does not have a huge hold on you anymore.

So I am so happy to  have created this special processes for you the Entrepreneur. Take a look and see what speaks to your heart.

Visit the past to create your future! With me, Your Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Business Coach and Prosperity Mentor By Your Side, Mimi Quick!

If you could go to the past and come to the now and then create the future from what you learned so you DONT make that mistake again….how can that change your life and business? It has changed my life and business and my clients lives and businesses so take a look and see if you will join us for this powerful 4 part Prosperity Muse Past Life Series!

Prosperity Muse Group Past Life Sessions over the phone in the comfort of your home or office.

I have decided to open up the doors to all of you and share with you some of the amazing ways I personally have had created success in my life and business. That is through the processes that I will take you through… why? Because when you know thyself you are unstoppable!


Prosperity Muse Past Life PROCESS: Poverty & Prosperity

Visit the lives that have affected you the most in the areas of Poverty and Prosperity

Allow yourself the opportunity to GO DEEP & clearly see the experiences so you can begin to shift into a more prosperous life and business today.

12 noon PST Friday Nov. 16th


Prosperity Muse Past Life Process: Money and Me

Visit the life that has created the most problems for you around money and make a new commitment to leave it in the past as you heal this with this new understanding and knowledge this part of your life for greater prosperity.

1pm PST Friday Nov. 23rd




mimimoneyvibrationcardsProsperity Muse Past Life Process: Learn How Your Biggest Fear In Business Now Manifested From The Past

 Visit the biggest fear for you and through the knowledge of you knowing HOW this was created we can make sure you come out on the other side…stop the cycle!

12noon PST Friday Nov. 30



mimimoneyvibrationcardsProsperity Muse Past Life Process: Feminine Power

Learn how you used your power in the past and why you may struggle with it now.

Are you ready to know thyself? It all began here.

1pm PST Friday Dec. 7th


Let’s start to heal and leave the past where it belongs in the past but before we do let’s make sure we get the lesson, ok? There is great detail and info about who you are, how to break the struggle that you are currently in by looking at the past receiving the gift and processing it * and moving on!That way we won’t recreate it in our future lives! xoxo Mimi


You will begin to feel :

  • Less stressed
  • More energized because your mind and energy is not stuck in the past
  • Whole *(the fragmented pieces are now coming together and forming a greater picture for you to understand why you may feel a certain way, and easily release the stuck beliefs from a past life within you!


Questions you may have…

Q. How long will the calls be, Mimi.

A. This depends on the process we will be on at the time; generally our calls will be 45-60 min.


Q. Will the calls be recorded?

A. Yes!


Q. Can I drive and do this?

A. No, this series of calls requires you to be in the comfort of your own home or office. There are closed eye processes and this is going to be an experience you walk through. We must have your full attention.


Q. What do I do if I have any more questions, after my session Mimi?

A. Sign up now and you will be able to join us for a special Q.A. after every call

or simply your questions to Antonios at


Ok, so now you are saying something like.. I am ready to go for it and see into my past so I can create my future with less obstacles. Yes?

So how much is it for all 4 calls in this series Mimi?

After thinking about it for a bit and asking my VIP clients what would you like to invest in a series like this and also connecting with God source and asking what would be a fair exchange for a group series like this..  my VIP clients said that the work that I do with them is priceless and it is long standing so $2000 is really a great way to come into this program they said..and I would have to agree with them, however I felt something  within I felt 1) the holiday spirit and I wanted to give and 2) I wanted to make sure that you all are able to come on into this series with ease and not any resistance so you can really work through the processes with divine ease that is why  I am making this a no brainer!

Yes, I am making it a no brainer and super easy for you to connect with what I do so you can have this transformation and shift and if you have been on my teleclasses and programs you know that I am a giver and that I don’t leave you hanging or slipping through any cracks, right?

The value is there and no one can deny that. Ask any of my clients. They will tell you that I do not get off the phone until you have created a mental, emotional, and or energetic shift! It’s true. That is why I  charge $1500 for 1 session with similar 1-1 Private Prosperity Muse Processes but since this is a group series I want you to feel supported and have a powerful transformational experience, just like you do in our Shift Into It Prosperity Calls. I felt that this Mercury Retrograde period was the best to share this opportunity with you, yes in the middle of the holiday  season and just for this one time I have decided to share these breakthrough processes with you and to offer this program to you for only …

it’s only  1 payment of $247 for all 4 calls *(enjoy :)

Just take a moment and consider the amount of clearing and shifting that this series of calls are able to help you do. There is really nothing to think about right? Well that’s the way I see it. The value is so great and the price is unbelievably gifted to you from my heart to yours. So I ask you to really look within and if you already felt a yes inside was it a loud yes, or a quiet whisper yes… it is time for you to take divine action when you receive a sign. Or not it really is your choice. You can click on the link and register now..or wonder if being in this series would have helped you at all. I trust that you will make the best decision for you.

When you say YES you will receive:

Bonus * 15 min. $97 value 1-1 session  with me, Psychic Coach & Prosperity Muse  Mentor By Your Side Mimi Quick*(for the first 10 people)

* Online Support for all 4 modules. Where you can share with me  what you received and I can share with you what my psychic insight is as well as help you clear up any confusion and help move you through greater awareness around your experience.


We’ve made it simple for you.

Once you register for the Prosperity Muse Past Life Business Series you will receive your call in info right in your inbox so please make sure that you are and you will have access to the recordings as well.

Do you have any more questions before you secure your spot? Please contact Antonios at .

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