Have A Real Sit Down Grounding Moment With Spirit About Your Business & Your Money Attraction!


You are invited to a special Complimentary Teaching Call With me, Mimi Quick


 Get inspired and learn about the true power of prosperity in your life and business.


How does the money piece actually turn into money peace in business?
Let’s get ready to bring in clarity energy (of allowance) here so you can begin to manifest.
If you have allowed yourself to:


  • Stop your passion?
  • Fail in your business?
  • Be in chaos and confusion?
  • Not charge for your amazing and precious gifts?


You are invited to this special call to have a real honest look at your life and business.
The #1 question that I receive all of the time from spiritual entrepreneurs, ministers, healers, artists, and intuitives.

How did you do it, Mimi?

How did you breakthrough to the other side of this Money thing?

How are you able to charge $1500 and receive it?

How do you sell $3000, and $5000 , $7500 $15,000 and $25,000 packages?

Listen it’s not about the money. You’ll see what I mean when you connect with us on the call.

It’s the energy and mindset that goes along with practical steps that make the glue to this Prosperity Muse Spiritual Selling System work, not only for me but for my clients!

I’d love to tell you all about it on my free training call.
Thursday May 31st 1pm pst

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