Predict Your Own FUTURE

5 Ways To Turn Yourself ON & Tune Into The NEW YEAR 2016

2016 is just around the corner. I am sure you’re hoping, wishing, and praying really hard that you have a magical, prosperous, and good healthy year. Is it possible that that will work?

Well, I believe in miracles and I also believe in action steps. Here’s the thing, there must be alignment and true inner balance to help you reach these goals.

…And just to help you feel more comfortable with what I am going to share with you, I want you to know that ever since my teens my peers and also their parents sought me out for insight and direction in business and life matters. I have consulted people on their next steps, building 6 figure businesses, helping people break free from blocks that have held them back for 40+ years and I have been successfully teaching people how to prosper in all areas of life like family, relationships, business success, and health. I do this with my highly intuitive gifts that I was born with and help you bring yours out to the world too!

Now you can see why I am so passionate about sharing how to Predict your own FUTURE.

5 Ways to Turn Yourself ON and Tune IN to the NEW YEAR 2016


You cannot be on automatic pilot doing the same old things wanting to create something new; you must become aware of the NEW you want to create! What turns you on about the new year?.. What you do? What excites you to do it? Is it your mission, your children, a better life, a new beginning? What or who is your inspiration? Create awareness around what you want to create.


What do you really want to experience in 2016? If you don’t know where you are or where you want to go- how will you get there? You need to know what you want to experience. Get clear here. Many people skip this step because lots of feelings come up, but I am asking to look at it very closely to help you TUNE IN.


What kind of support will you need to make this new year 2016 success real for you?

It’s time to ask for help. Do you need to schedule 2-3 hours in your calendar every day? At least look at what you really need help with and then plan to get it. Add it to your list of what you must do to bring in the success you desire into your NEW Year of 2016.

#4 FLOW:

Are you trying to force things to happen when you need them to or do you let it flow? Are you planning and scheduling things to give you a natural flow in business and life or are you just hoping it will naturally fall into place? Create a practical step by step plan to help you on your road to success as well as a letting go process when you feel that you are too attached to the outcome- you must find a balance point, here. (this can be tricky to do on your own)


LOOK at what you are really committed to in your life and business and assess your own situation. If you could see into the future what would the future hold for you? Be honest what can you do right now and what steps can you realistically take to move you in that direction – Can you commit to these steps for the entire year? Are you fully in? You will always grow but you need to commit to something first and take that first step.

Are you able to see your future in 2016 now.. if you add Awareness, Desire, Support, Flow, and Commitment to it?

I have a feeling it got a bit clearer for you. At least you got some golden nuggets to sparkle up your day so you can plan and get things in order, right?

Mimi Quick, aka The Prosperity Muse & Psychic Business Mentor; empowers women & entrepreneurs to ALIGN and create prosperous lives and businesses they LOVE.


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