Hi Dear one!

It’s Mimi and I am so happy that you are ready to let go of the past…






Let’s start to heal and leave the past where it belongs in the past but before we do let’s make sure we get the lesson, ok? There is great detail and info about who you are, how to break the struggle that you are currently in by looking at the past receiving the gift and processing it * and moving on!That way we won’t recreate it in our future lives! xoxo Mimi




Prosperity Muse Past Life PROCESS: Poverty & Prosperity

Visit the lives that have affected you the most in the areas of Poverty and Prosperity

Allow yourself the opportunity to GO DEEP & clearly see the experiences so you can begin to shift into a more prosperous life and business today.

Download link: Class 1 Prosperity Muse Past Life Poverty and Prosperity recording




Prosperity Muse Past Life Process: Money and Me

Visit the life that has created the most problems for you around money and make a new commitment to leave it in the past as you heal this with this new understanding and knowledge this part of your life for greater prosperity.

Download link: Class 2 Prosperity Muse Past Life Money and Me recording




mimimoneyvibrationcardsProsperity Muse Past Life Process: Learn How Your Biggest Fear In Business Now Manifested From The Past

Visit the biggest fear for you and through the knowledge of you knowing HOW this was created we can make sure you come out on the other side…stop the cycle!


Download link: Class 3 Prosperity Muse Past Life Biggest Fear in Business recording



mimimoneyvibrationcardsProsperity Muse Past Life Process: Feminine Power

Learn how you used your power in the past and why you may struggle with it now.

Are you ready to know thyself? It all began here.

Download link: Class 4 Prosperity Muse Past Life Feminine Power recording




You will begin to feel :

  • Less stressed
  • More energized because your mind and energy is not stuck in the past
  • Whole *(the fragmented pieces are now coming together and forming a greater picture for you to understand why you may feel a certain way, and easily release the stuck beliefs from a past life within you!


Much love,

Mimi Quick







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