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Happy New Year! 2014

If you feel stuck, unable to move forward or you keep having the same issues come right now is a good time for you to have a Psychic Business Reading to provide Clarity and Direction..

mimi 2013 light path

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What is a Psychic Business Reading and how do I know if I need one?

A Psychic Business Reading with Mimi Quick is:

A deeper look and insight of what is currently happening in your business and in you and how you can clear the way and align to what you desire to have, be and do.

Depending on your current situation Mimi will share with you how to clear your immediate struggle and issue and take you through a process to unleash clarity. Or if you are here to manifest a GOAL Mimi will help to re-energize you & your business.

Option 1: Get Re-Energized with Mimi’s Holiday Business Energy Clearing

$397 Value  Holiday Happy New Year Special : $197


Option 2: Who should have a business reading with Mimi?

  • An entrepreneur who feels stuck.
  • An entrepreneur who has a BIG Goal.
  • An entrepreneur who is confused about where to start.
  • An entrepreneur who needs an extra look over materials/energy/plan to see if the energy is aligned.
  • An entrepreneur who is just starting out in business so they can start off right with the best next step.
  • An entrepreneur who  has fears about speaking, being visible, sharing their message.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to create their own signature program, product or service and needs the first step to begin the process.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to align themselves with their life purpose.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to share their unique gifts with the world and help more people.
  • An entrepreneur who has money blocks, and prosperity blocks.
  • An entrepreneur who is ready and willing to receive help on her journey.
  • An entrepreneur who needs a healing shift into prosperity consciousness.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to let go of fear..

You’ll Receive Mimi Quick’s Special Prosperity Muse 5 Part Psychic Business Reading Process :

  • Psychic Business Reading
  • Clearing Shift
  • Coaching
  • Assignment/Plan
  • Email Follow up

Hi dear ones…This is my 5 Part Psychic Coaching System:

mimi 2013 light pathpowerfully attract your ideal clientsI am excited to empower you and coach you on your journey.

The Psychic Business Reading is where I tap into the energy and read YOU and your business.

The Clearing Shift is what is in the way– “the block”  Limiting belief(s)..that are stopping the flow of your desired outcome(s)

The Coaching is spirit led and psychic coaching that will bring us into deeper understanding, uncovering, and truth.

The Assignment and Action steps is where you bridge it all and ground in real time…

The Email  Follow up.. (I wont leave you hanging dear one..) I will check in..

Valued at $997 New Year Special (one time offer) $297

This is a 1 time session working together…privately 1-1 to work through 1 issue or 1 goal..

You’ll come to our call prepared with a special (prep assignment) and you’ll begin to sense/ see shifts right away in a 1 time session but if you really want to have the long term guidance, support, and divine insight to melt away blocks, and have you on purpose quickly then let’s talk about having you step into one of our programs to up-level your energy and help you prosper after you complete this session, okay?..

The special option offers 1 & 2 are only good until Jan. 10th, 2014

Your session must be scheduled before Feb. 14th, 2014.

Woohoo! I am so excited for ya..

Happy New Year 1 Time Special

All sales are final. There are no refunds.

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