Are You Ready For POWERFUL Support

 So You Can Begin To Really SHIFT INTO PROSPERITY ENERGY Every Month

with Master Teacher, Healer, and Coach Mimi Quick?

You may already feel the pull to have more support in your life. Someone to guide you on your journey with monthly alignment calls to help you shift into prosperity with divine ease. You’re probably ready to finally be supported and receive prosperous alignment for you to SOAR in your life and business. Yes?

No more stopping your prosperity flow okay? It’s time to grow and prosper by shifting the way you think and feel. Yes, I know that it is time and you may have known it as well. You have purchased the books, listened to cd’s and have seen results here and there but, you are not fully shifting in consistantly and only to a certain point because you don’t have a mentor to ask questions when you find yourself stuck, or just for clarification…you try to figure it out or wonder what was meant which only brings up more confusing energy and stuckness. Yikes, now what?

Here is what I know to be true- It was my consistant action that kept me getting real results in business and life. My road to prosperity shifted the moment I shifted my mindset and energy about what I thought was prosperity….

 It is a journey but with powerful support you can shift into powerful results and begin to see more prosperity in your business and life.


This is your opportunity to put yourself first and make the commitment to Align to prosperity teachings and powerful spiritual support every month with Mimi and your sacred group. Let’s be very real here- this will not be an airy fairy way to conjure up prosperity energy, these calls are designed with you in mind to increase your prosperity consciousness from a practical and energetical aspect. I will be providing teachings, tools, and training to help you evolve in this area. You will have practical steps to take and action to really activate what you have learned and anchored within your monthly 60 minute call.

The benefits are really easy to share with you:

You will begin to shift into feeling more confident

You will begin to shift into feeling  supported in your life and business

You will begin to shift into a wealthier mindset

You will begin to shift into rich energy

You will begin to shift into higher vibrations

You will begin to shift into action

You will begin to shift into better self care

You will begin to shift into more of your intuitive gifts

You will begin to shift into living  a prosperous way of life and business..


What you will receive with your membership:

  • 1 Spirit Filled (60 min. Group Shift Into It Alignment Call) every month

Your  Monthly Spirit Filled (60 min. Shift Into It Prosperity -Alignment Group Call) is to guide you through a powerful prosperity teaching & energetic clearing that will help you open the space & activate more prosperity in your business and life! with  Q.A. at the end of every call.


  • Receive special savings on products and events

You’ll be the first in line for all of our promotions and receive special ONLY FOR YOU MEMBERSHIP Savings that we are happy to give to you as a trusted member.

It’s time for you to connect and Align to the energy of Prosperity on a regular basis and we are here to support you to evolve into your TRUE Prosperity.

Monthly membership is $97 per month that is far less than what its costing you to stay stuck every month. The value of the work and these calls are worth much more than the monthly membership rate so here is a great opportunity to join a powerful group to help you enhance your energy, and release what is in the way of your success and so you can shift into alignment of prosperity.

And now you can join monthly ask us how?


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