Hi dear ones,


Today I want to write to you about something that I experienced which really had me stop and think..

I was doing what I do best. Helping people shift into making money and prosperity…when a colleague of mine called me and said that she was very angry and ENVIOUS of me because her client wanted to come to my calls and skip hers. (we are in two seprate areas of business, she does not do what I do and I dont do what she does)

Wow I thought to myself there are some harsh feelings here. And a whole bunch of lack thinking going in this person. Psychically I knew she was jealous and really I could not understand why? After all she raved about my magic and all that I had helped her with.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you are envious that means you are in lack..

You are telling yourself that you don’t have enough, there is not enough, and that there won’t be enough.


Stop it… and step into a more abundant way of being and thinking.

Otherwise you risk your prosperity energy being sucked up into the dark forces of envy.

I love you -it is time to think higher and in more aligned ways to all good!

Mimi Quick

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