Are a spiritual entrepreneur with what I like to call a nicey nicey syndrom?

Hear me out here.. I am not being harsh or too bold but very honest.

When you do not allow yourself to be who you really are you do not let the universe flow through you .

You are not being a clear channel. That’s not cool in my book, because you just miss on so many opportunities.

Can you think back when you wanted to say something but you didn’t.. perhaps it was to a client or a family member.

What stopped you from speaking up? Was it the nicey nicey syndrom?

Did you immediately go back to childhood….and heard  your parents voice – BE Nice.. Dont say that, or ??

You see in business and life as a spiritual entrepreneur you must have freedom to be you.. I know you won’t go out and hurt someone, that is not in your nature, but what you will do is probably put yourself second through the nicey nicey syndrom so please please please release this syndrom before you fade away. Let me help you with this…. Join our course Nicey Nicey Syndrom Clearing & Release Audio and E-Book Set $29.99 value free when you join our sacred group.

Ask my team how you can join in now:


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