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Spiritual Business(1)

What’s happening in our world now.. there is this rush of energy that everybody wants to become a celebrity, celebrity brand and so on..

They feel rushed (which is one of the ways to detect that LACK is in your space:)

Many do not have experience and are not certified coaches, have never been in business, nor have ever had 1 coaching /healing client. *( If this is you – you really need a good foundation and training that I have in our Spiritual Business Institute! )

I hope this is not you but many people copy other peoples stuff, books, processes, websites,and more to make a quick buck all at selling their souls. Some say it’s flattery to make it seem ok..but is it?

To me that is icky.. how about you?

Are you really interested in selling your soul and not doing what you love in your business just to make money?

I think almost every interview that I have done with the exception of a few the hosts have all said ohh I like what you said – I am going to steal that! – Whaaaaaaaaaaaat ?? Really, why would you say such a thing?

Why would you negate your own inspiration and creativity to take my stuff?

NOPE.. I don’t accept that and neither should you.

I know as spiritual entrepreneurs you want to be compassionate and fair but you really have to draw the line and grow up in the area of business.

You can kindly have a conversation but someimes you need to be a bit more stronger than that.

What do you do if you find yourself in this position?

1 Have a conversation

2 Send an email

3 Ask that they remove your stuff /written copy or whatever they are doing without your permission.

4 Talk to your attorney

Are you ready to contact my assistant for a Clarity Call or Business Assessment now ? click here: http://dev.mimiquick.com/contact/

I will be happy to help you step into your power and create a prosperous business!

Mimi Quick


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