Spring is in the air….

If you are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed in business it is spilling over into your life and vice versa. You need to take an active approach to clearing out your mind of what is keeping you stuck at this time.

If you don’t know what to do next and are experiencing lack you need a mental detox.

If you are not reaching goals or attracting what you want you need a mental detox.

If you know you can do better but are not you need  a mental detox to locate and release these blocks.



It’s Time to SPRING into a Prosperous Mindset and Energy For your Life and Business… yes? To do that you will have to let go of what is in the way of you and your success

Well just think about it this way – how much are your limiting thoughts costing you everyday lets begin the healing process and get you to SPRING into Prosperity with THE MENTAL DETOX!

It’s that time again to clear out what may have built up in your mind and in your body and around you in your energy. I have designed “THE MENTAL DETOX” that helps you eliminate thoughts, patterns, energy, and beliefs you may have picked up along the way this year and that are no longer serving you!

Imagine this:

You are invited to speak about your business, the way you do what you do, and how amazing that is. Would you be wearing a blouse that had holes stains, lint, and tears. No way right, you would throw that blouse away wouldn’t you? You would want to look your best, and feel good in the process. The way I see it is your mind  has collected thoughts, beliefs, and recorded experiences just this year alone that will either spring you into success or keep you stuck in poverty, low energy, and confusion.

Now I can help you sort them out and get you in alignment to what is best for you…however you will have to do the work each week with me and each week you will be open to receiving results, big or small you will receive signs that the work we are doing has already started working in your life. You’ll begin to notice subtle changes or sudden changes it really depends on how you personally learn and your experiences. We are all different yet we can all step into our power and spring into prosperity vibes with the Mental Detox that I have created for you.

Your mind is a powerful tool.

  •  I healed myself using my mind-  (even when I was told that was not possible by doctors) and I transformed my whole life now I help people like you connect to their success and prosperity too!
  • After working with me, my clients have had experienced success in their personal and professional lives too- ex: sports winning championships, winning $30,000 prizes in less than 24 hours, increased businsess 300%, sales of $18,000 after 1 session, healing from health issues and so much more (see website for more testimonials- mimiquick.com


 Spring Into Prosperity & Step Into Your Power “THE MENTAL DETOX” 5 week Course with Mimi Quick

  •  Spring into Prosperity will help you:
  • Align your thoughts to prosperity (health-happiness-wealth)
  • Align your energy to prosperity

Spring into Prosperity will help you begin to:

  • Shift into prosperous thinking.
  • Clear out Blocks
  • Release Stagnant Beliefs…

Who is this course for?

This course is not for you if you are not willing to:

  • commit to listening and participating to the 5 week classes
  • take responsibility for your change
  • learn and listen to new teachings delivered to you in a powerful way
  • take action *(because the universe will not do it for you- you must take the first steps that I will teach in this course)
  • make room for you own GOOD.  

This course IS for YOU if you want to experience:

  • Powerful Clearings
  • Powerful Shifts
  • Increase your wealth consciousness- health – happiness
  • Release energy, thoughts and beliefs from your mind that will help open the door to your prosperity
  • Powerful ENERGY Boosts!
  • Positive Change

Classes & Coaching begin this March 22nd

  • All  Calls are 1pm Pacific Time
  • All Calls are on Thursdays
  • All Calls will be recorded so no need to worry- you will receive all of the recordings
  • All Worksheets, Homework, and  will be sent to your inbox

  In The MENTAL DETOX- You will release -what is in the way of your power, your prosperity, your happiness and receiving !

Here are all the Group Dates:

March 22st  Class 1 teaching plus Group Coaching: Step Into Your Power

March 29th Class 2 teaching plus Group Coaching: Increase your Your Prosperity Through a Powerful Mind Process

April 5th      Class 3 teaching plus Group Coaching: Open Up Your Channels To Prosperity

April 12th    Class 4 teaching plus Group Coaching: Open Your Channels to Increased Happiness

April 19th    Class 5 teaching plus Group Coaching:Clear Out Your Blocks to Receiving(money health joy gifts- you choose)

You will experience powerful group coaching that will increase your vibration, clear out blocks and empower you!
Remember, You clean out your closets, your cars, your garage, your desks, your purses, but the most important part is to clean out your Mind of what it has picked up along your journey and what is no longer serving you. ok?That is why I have created The Spring Into Prosperity Mental Detox-Allow the ease the grace to lead and the struggle to melt away once you begin this journey with us!Many of you know that our courses are packed with powerful wisdom, processes, and clearings and just so we are super clear I want you to know that $1500 for this course would be no big surprise, plus  my colleagues  strongly agree that I do offer this course at this rate, as they see the value in my work and many of them being my clients, they were telling me if I offered it at such a low investment you would not see its value…I don’t think that they were right on this and you all know how much of a giver I am I always follow my connection with source and this is what I say………… My heart really wants you all to receive this information because clearing what no longer served me was such a huge part in my transformation in life and business- as are the prosperity teachings and processes I have developed.I wanted to make sure you have the opportunity & give yourself this gift to learn and go through some of the best process to create a shift immediately- not later -right now!My intention is to help as many people as I can to Spring Into Prosperity and Step Into their Power and I believe in you and I know that this is part of the process it’s something that is calling you it is part of your destiny.Don’t let fear, and worry keep you in scarcity. Your transformation is waiting for you and it begins with clearing  what is no longer serving you-

Think about what could open up for you if you step into this program today. I also wanted to give all of you a special opportunity right now to jump into The Mental Detox without money worries, ok? and you can see with a $100 savings is a great way for you to Spring Into Prosperity & Step Into Your Power in my 5 week course “The Mental Detox”

You may be asking….How much of an investment is Spring Into Prosperity & Step Into Your Power “The Mental Detox”, Mimi?I believe that this can help you clear out what may be stuck in your way so I have made it affordable for you to step into save $100 with the Early Bird special $397 until March 15th

It’s really an opportunity to say goodbye to the limits that have been causing you pain, struggle, and confusion, and finally begin to say yes to your prosperity by stepping into your power…When you say yes and sign up you will receive 2 special bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Special 1-1  (15 min.) welcome call with Mimi (first 12 people who sign up)

Bonus #2- Special Q.A.  Session (for the first 12 people who sign up)

And Bonus #3 — 15 min. Assessment (valued at $97) “scheduled as soon as you register” clientcare@mimiquick.com will contact you to set up this appointment.


Save $100 now and register for only $397 we have extended this promotion for our Facebook friends! See you on the calls

 Price increase After March 15th to $497

March 10th enrollment is early bird priced at $397March 15th enrollment is $497Let’s get started!Much love, Mimi


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