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light handsI have done many coaching programs in the past and never had the significant insights I have had since starting with Mimi Quick.

Mimi’s insight has been incredibly helpful in such a short amount of time.  She immediately told me I had blocks that were keeping me from reaching my goals and that if I wanted my business to prosper- I needed to address them.

  I signed up for her “Live Your Gifts” class and within the 1st week made a HUGE shift…letting go of something that I had been holding onto for2 ½ years.

I have never felt such love & support as I have from this women and I know she gets it.  She too, is someone who has lived through some tough times; pulled herself through and created a prosperous business that touches many lives in magical ways.  I love that she wants to pay if forward and help lift & support others to do the same.

I highly recommend Mimi Quick to anyone who has a mission but needs to clarify their vision so they too can grow their business & prosper.  

All My Love & Blessings,

*Lynn McCloskey


  mimi pic spark

I love to see you grow and evolve into a happy healthy wealthy female entrepreneur who loves being free to be herself in business! ~ Mimi Quick





light handsTestimonial For:

Evolve Your Energy In Business and Mimi Quick

Mimi Quick’s intuitive, unique approach to business in the Evolve Program can assist anyone into touching their personal power so that they can clarify and bring their dreams to fruition.

The power of this program facilitated me in looking at and accepting what I really wanted that aligned with who I am, my gifts, and an aligned way of delivering my services to my ideal client. The clarity and insights I received have touched every area of my life. Finding the word that is “my juice” revealed that what I was using as an excuse was not only the polar opposite of, but also, looked at differently, was the very essence for the foundation of my success. My business developed to one I hold as sacred and easily and confidently attract my clients with my energy focused in love and service. My  income is increasing to match my growth. *Ann Harmon


light handsMimi Quick has taught me by example how to truly live my teachings and achieve fast results for myself and my clients.

I am in the flow, building momentum and can finally taste the sweet reality of my dreams after four long years of NO results from going at it alone and with other “top dollar” coaches. I am so grateful to Mimi and her aligned team who truly practice what they teach. I recommend Mimi to any female entrepreneur with a BIG vision who is tired of spinning their wheels or staying stuck under a glass ceiling.“Peace in=Peace out,~Amelya R Cohn~ Sacred Ecology


Mimi intensives align

light hands** I started Evolve Your Energy in Business with Mimi Quick 3 months after being laid off a regular job.

I was stressed, worried, wondering “what am I going to do now??  I went from feast or famine/all or nothing mentally to consistency where money is always flowing in.. Shortly after I dealt with 2 major knock downs due to situations that the majority of people would have gave up or ran to what’s been a security for them in the past. I started my program with Mimi when the first knock down occurred.  After working with Mimi Quick, I noticed a tremendous improvement in regards to my income flow in just the first 3 weeks of the program. I went from feast or famine/all or nothing mentally to consistency where money is always flowing in..AND started to have more money come in compared to when I was working my “regular” job and to this day this is true and keeps growing.  I finally let go of any worries o.r stress on the spot for the first time in years! The tools that Mimi gives are phenomenal where the impossible is POSSIBLE! My self worth, self confidence has sky rocketed 110%.I started a new business and revived one I had tried to start a year ago both of which are consistently growing and my experience of prospering in the area of money has been fun and with ease (not to say I dont ride the rollercoaster at times) but seeing this actually happen is HUGE. Believe me there is no other program out there like this and Ive done many that even cost me twice as much with not even close results in such a quick time like Mimi’s program. Plus the course is FUN! Mimi is down to earth, “real”, one of the most talented gifted spiritually women around and has had that part of my spiritual life reactivated. I am happier, more successful, more relaxed & healthier than I have been in the past? YES!!!!!. And it only took 2 months. But this is not one of those deals were “oh that was nice” and then the results disappear. Mimi’s teachings, coaching and guidance have you sustain this and it keeps growing….Im excited to see what’s yet to come and what’s next! Carina Garcia


light handsAfter first speaking with Mimi, I had my highest grossing income month ever. Then a month later, within a week of my initial session with Mimi, I signed on my highest paying client ever! In Letting Go To Make Money Flow I had big breakthroughs $7000 sales and more. Thank you Mimi for all of your support and all you provide.  You truly are a Prosperity Muse and you have made a huge difference in my life! Mimi is a gifted person and a delight to speak with and be around.  As a friend and colleague, she is very warm and genuine and can quickly identify blocks in the way of prosperity and shift them into great money flow. Vicki Draper, International Vibrational Energy Healing Expert for People and Animals Vi Miere Exclusive Essence Collections for People and Animals


 If you have not achieved your goal(s) yet, then you need to be working with Mimi Quick! Since I have been working with Mimi, she has helped me attain goals that I had been struggling, literally years to achieve! And, she lives up to her
name-my achievement of these goal happened real “Quick”! Mimi gets you aligned and helps you clear out the things that you aren’t even aware of, that are blocking you from reaching your goal! She (and her Spirit Guides!) design the plan that is perfect for you and your situation so that you can rapidly achieve your dream! True, you have to do the work. And, Mimi is there for you throughout. She cares so deeply for you, your success and she showers you with love…tough love if needed I highly recommend Mimi Quick to help you get to the next level-whatever that looks like for you!Oh, by the way…three goals I attained that were a direct result of working with Mimi…

+ I won a qualifier to advance to a National Golf Tournament!

+ I won a golf tournament, after being 9 strokes down after two rounds!

+ I finally got my business up and operational after screwing around for two plus years:)

Thanks So Much, Mimi!!You Rock!!
Denise Callahan


Dianne says : My work with Mimi Quick has been nothing short of miraculous!!!

After stepping into a 3 month private coaching with Mimi I had one breakthrough after the other and aha’s with every call. I cleared out fear, limiting beliefs, and shifted my energy for increased attraction and manifestation. Just in one of our sessions I repeat, one session with Mimi, in less than 24 hours, I won a prize valued at $30,000!!! Within 2 weeks of Letting Go To Make Money Flow I had my first $5000 sale ever.

Then with Mimi’s coaching I was able to sell my $10,000 package and continue to prosper in my business. Mimi is a mentor/coach/healer who uses her intuitive gifts to help you see your blind spots and make massive breakthroughs in record time.

Mimi takes a stand for her clients, using simple yet powerful processes to facilitate change. She ensures that her clients take the intellectual change/concept, understand it deeply, and embody that understanding on a core level!!! She does not get off the phone with you until this is complete. Working with Mimi is priceless! She goes the extra mile to support, follow up and show you the way. She uses “tough love” when necessary. Nothing is ever a “cookie cutter” approach as Mimi herself is cutting edge. She flows with the energy NOW to help you quickly and powerfully adapt as the energy changes!! Mimi helps those of us who are heart-centered healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to heal our energy so that we can BE the BIG, BOLD, BRILLIANT change agents and leaders of today. She helps us to shine our light and share our love, gifts, and talents with the planet!!! Thank you Mimi, I love you.~Dianne C Dougherty, RN, BSN Energy Expert Extraordinaire
Nursing the Planet in a Whole New Light


Mimi shifted my energy & it immediately shifted my business.

Because of a simple clearing I was open to receive 2 new clients. If you’re doing all the “other” work & things aren’t working it could very well be time to make a quick shift. Mimi is quick & she will have you on track in no time. Energy truly is everything! Ungenita Katrina Prevost  Billion Dollar Beauty





After months, or even years, of procrastinating about making a website and
of holding myself back from shining my light, I had a session with Mimi Quick.
Immediately after our session, I sat down at my computer and finished my
website! I wrote for hours, with none of the debilitating nausea, dizziness and
fatigue that I was used to feeling when I tried to move out of the closet as a
I am so grateful for Mimi’s understanding of energy and the
mental/emotional blocks that keep us from prospering. I am so happy to have
moved forward in my life!
Colleen Burke, L.Ac. Healing for People, Animals, Mother Earth

Michelle Says:

Mimi has a way of simplifying the process of attracting abundance.

We hear all about these elaborate processes to attract moneythat take more time, money and effort while Mimi helps you shift your vibration in an instant. If you are looking for real “quick” results without years of meditation and soul searching Mimi is your woman. I appreciate Mimi being here and her presence in helping those that are ready to truly step up and out in this world.Michelle Hastie, Professional Weight Loss Speaker and Coach totalbodyhealthsolutions

    •  In less than a 20 minute session Mimi Quick helped me align to receive over $10,000 in sales! I’d pay $1500 a session any day to make $10,000! It was wild ride..Thanks Mimi, Ca.

    • As soon as I finished a session with Mimi Quick to sell my business, my phone rang and it was a buyer. They came out to see my business and we completed the sale! Thank you Mimi. ~ Irene,Ca.

    • I was really in a sad place and could not find work, once I had a session with Mimi Quick it was a week or so that I was asked to work and use my talents for a place I only dreamed of working for. Thanks Mimi ~ Catherine, Ca.

    •  “I had a session with Mimi and it really got to the root of what I was feeling.  We did some intense emotional work for me and the next day my restaurant sales skyrocketed.  Mimi’s style is gentle but effective.  Thank you so much Mimi!”~Terri

    • I carried around some horrible energy for years I tried everything and just about everyone. When I found Mimi Quick and worked with her, the energy that was brought into this life from the past and was keeping me from success, left my body, and mind. I feel free. Thank you, Mimi. ~ NY

light hands***After just one session with Mimi,I felt calm, less stuck and fully ready to take the next step. Within minutes, Mimi was able to specifically pinpoint and hone in on what the root of the issue was! She created a safe space and was completely on target with all her assessments. Mimi is truly gifted and amazing!! Nanci

light hands***Thank you for helping me clear the emotional and energetic abuse that I was holding inside my body for so long. I finally feel free from that event and my business jumped into a prosperous increase of 7 new clients after our session. I know that they are connected just like you said they were. Thanks for helping me clear this big boulder off my back. I believe in my heart that you are a money healer! The world should know about you so the struggle can  be alleviated- Katherine

light hands***After one session with Mimi I started selling my products and services with ease and joy and before it felt like a chore, hard and energy draining. After that session It was so simple that I felt that I was not working hard and that was new to me. I was doing what Mimi said and people signed up easily with me. Thank you Mimi! Val  


light hands***”I feel like my whole world has changed, everything has gotten brighter, I feel stronger, and I’m not in fear anymore around my abilities. – Beth


 light hands***I am able to accept my intuitive, and healing abilities freely and with you mentoring me I have already released the fear of visibility issues, asking for money and getting paid for my new calling! Thank you Mimi for being a bright light, shining your methods and gifts.”- Tara 


light hands*** “Working with Mimi – The experience of the session with Mimi served me by helping gain clarity, direction, reconnect to my spirit and complete alignment with the totality of my being so I can take divine action in my business. I feel ready now to take the next steps with you. Catherine

I truly appreciated your candor surrounding the “feeling” about our partnering to work together in a session. Your choice to honor and respect your Self by living that quality is noble; and, as a spirit~preneur, I feel, perfunctory. Catherine

Speaking Testimonial at “Ignite” In San Jose…

When I first got to Ignite Live, I was all out of sorts.  I thought it was just Mercury
Retrograde, but as the weekend progressed, I realized it was much more than
that. After listening to Kelly and Mimi talk about how essential it is to align in your business, I
was thunderstruck.  It made total sense to me!  I can visually recall Kelly
demonstrating what it’s like to make a committed decision and lining up behind
it and in that moment, I came to a new understanding that although I felt like
I’ve done that many times over, I really haven’t, and it’s the 1 key piece
preventing me from reaching my business and personal goals.

I’m over the top about starting the Align class with both of these women and I truly believe they
will help propel me to the next level in my career.  I’ve worked with a lot of
coaches over the past few years and my instinct tells me it doesn’t get better
than what they teach.  This time next year I fully plan on being at 6 figures
and beyond with their help.  Thanks Kel and Mimi!

Angela Minelli,


Every morning I woke up and was met with indecision and stress. Every morning I considered my options and wondered if all this struggling was worth it or if I should remain stagnant and keep only my office job to make ends meet. But, what always kept me going was the desire of being content with my profession, my desire to work in the field I knew I belonged in. So every morning I also ALWAYS made sure to remember Mimi’s powerful sessions and coaching. They make a world of difference…it’s like having an extra support with you everyday, as soon as you wake up it’s there..! I am now blissfully pursuing a profession as a massage therapist and bodyworker. Not only am I part of an amazing holistic spa but my own business is booming! Thank you Mimi…for everything. With love and Respect. Kat.

Mimi is incredible. As a spirit guide and life coach to me, I feel positive and healed every time we talk! In meditation, her voice is the most soothing voice I’ve ever heard! She is always correct in her assessments and very attuned to whomever she works with. I am so lucky to have her inspiring me everyday! Also, your story is absolutely amazing! I never knew all this about you. Love you lots.” – Elana


light hands***Thank you so much for ” Tribe of Magical Woman ” call .IT was magical , you are such a great speaker . I loved your energy .You have a caring voice and that comes through on the phone line ~Thank you for giving me the time to speak and share from my heart. I love your laugh and your energy ~ your voice is very healing and it can help heal people. I can tell that when you talk it comes from your heart .Thank you Love & Light ~afsi ~Healer

I love how Kelly O’Neil and MimiQuick kicked off the Ignite Summerganza Event with a whole presentation on the importance of “Alignment” to attracting what we want. They showed how aligning the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the self helps us to
make effective decisions that attract powerful results. This inspired us
throughout the 3 day event, and helped us to move forward toward the realization
of our true potential as conscious entrepreneurs. Julia D. Stege“I felt the energy of the Prosperity Muse – Mimi Quick” during the time we spent preparing for our  Attracting Prosperity WebinarDo not under estimate the power of Mimi Quick. says  Julia Stege Julia had a five figure offer out of the blue, and a huge prosperity inflow of clients too. She says everytime we connect her possibilities expand~ Julia made a video on You Tube to tell you all about it.

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