Welcome to our sacred space spiritual entrepreneurs:

Have you noticed that you are hoping for the best or wishing or even praying really hard that marketing works for you this time. Have you noticed that it takes you hours of planning just to think of what your next post will be, or what you’ll write about next.

Check in:

Do you really like what you are doing?

Do you feel confident about your service?

What are you really thinking and feeling about Marketing your products and services?

I can tell you that most people feel overwhelmed, the feel low energy, they feel stuck, nervous, and second guess all they do and the most sad part about this is their precious gift is that it is still hiding safely inside them.

So am I talking to you? You may be the best coach, you may be the best at the healing modality that you offer, you may be the most creative in your life’s work and that can really touch people’s hearts through your gifts but YOU STOP.

Believe me I understand. So you may be asking yourself, so what’s the huge secret Mimi?

Here is the secret that you must activate within you every time.

Before any Marketing EVER, you must activate the power and energy within you to Align to Your Powerful Intention and Source Energy.

  1. You must tap into the ever-flowing creativity that is available for you.  Many conscious business owners forget they get to work it’s a gift, and many tend to forget the fundamentals the most important foundational piece to success and that is ALIGNMENT. This is not hard work, it just takes practice and it takes a simple repeatable system to help you get in alignment to manifest results. But first we must know what is in the way and get that out of the space… read on:
  2. Check in: What are you really aligned to?

If you are experiencing less of a desired result in business you are blocked in the flow of creation; either by an emotional blockage, a pattern, limited belief, or a cycle you are currently recreating in your Mindset and Energy.

You may need to relearn how to connect on a daily basis. This has changed the life of our clients and after seeing results they are completely in the flow, but it takes work please do not think for a moment that there is no practice to it after all as an spiritual entrepreneur you know this is true.

The next step is to really see if you are willing to do the work and open up and receive the help on your personal and professional journey so you can begin to Align everyday with Ease!

If you are ready to release and let go of the hidden blocks that are really holding you back.

Contact one of our team managers Antonios or Amber at ClientCare@mimiquick.com and they will easily guide you through our connection process and help you set up a complimentary Next Best Step (for you) Activation call to see what your next best step really is for you at this time and if you are perfect match for our Programs.

Much Love & Success,

Mimi Quick

Prosperity Muse and Creator of Evolve Your Energy System


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