Dear Magical Woman,
I wrote a special poem for you. It came straight from my heart. I hope it resonates with you.
The time has come to let things go
To allow yourself to grow
To find the weed that must be plucked
To open your flow to money that’s been stuck
Allow the growth that’s here for you
As you evolve and change into new
Let’s plant a seed and water the soul
As we begin to see a new crop of prosperity unfold
~ Mimi Quick
Are you with me… Are you ready ladies to travel this journey?

This program is for you if you are ready and willing to break out of the reality box you’ve created and been living in until now so you can transform and heal your relationship with money from the inside out!

I’d love to guide you on your way to regaining your inner power and strength around your TRUE self worth, re-connect back to spirit, and align to be divine in your next steps, ok?


Here’s what You’ll receive when you say YES!




We start Wednesday May 28 th at 10 am PT

The value of this powerful work is well over $1000 but since this is a group setting I can pass on savings to you. Your registration for this course will only be $297 Plus I want to give you a sweet gift
1) Money Journal (Digital version) that you can print out so you can develop your deep connection with money and write down all of you sacred teachings in. (Value $47)





You’ll have an inner and outer assignment to complete that will be sent to your inbox each week.
Gift #3 Money Journal to keep your energy in high vibrations ($47 value)
The value of the program is worth well over $1000 and if you were to work with me 1-1 privately around this it would be more than that but since this is a group program I can work with more than one person at a time and pass the savings on to you ..

For the 6 of you who are really ready to step up, open up, and heal what’s in the way of your prosperity and begin to create a healthy relationship with money now is a good time to start… don’t let your mind, money, or circumstances stop you; if I had I wouldn’t be here to teach this course. Every new level asks you to step up and in business its usually with money… (money intelligence is the most wonderful teacher you’ll have to your personal professional and spiritual growth )

I am excited and happy to have you join our powerful group program!
Your investment is only $497 for the LIVE full course and you can get a $200 savings
Check in and get a yes.. see if it resonates for you to make sure this is for you and say yes( I want to teach you that the universe rewards you for checking in and stepping forward so that is why I have added this savings for you.)
So your registration will be only $297
If it feels good to you and you’re in then all you have to do is click here to register for the course.



Spiritual Business Journey
8 Week Activate Prosperity Journey
(Only 6 Private Seats Open for this program)

Starting July 1st 2014




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