Let’s get real here, ok?

What do you do when your business journey feels hard…?

You have to understand as a magical woman in business you are meant to prosper and that includes ease in your life and business….

To determine what level of comfort you’ll need to activate first you’ll have to check in!
Are you just starting out in business… have you had a few clients in your business.. are you a 6 figure biz owner… or have you been in business over 10 years and growing?

As I have said before we are always growing and evolving you have a magical light inside of you that no one else has and you must step up into being a spirited leader to SHINE bright in front of your ideal clients so they can see you:)

Have you noticed..You get messages in many different ways.. have you experienced any of these calls from within?It’s time to check in answer these questions to see where you are at, ok?
Do you wake up at 3am thinking about your biz?
Do you feel energetically drained and out of sorts around people who just don’t get who you are?
Do you desire secretly inside of YOU to have more….?
Do you want to help many people but struggle to help yourself?
Do you know that you are a leader but have not been leading so you don’t cause waves or SHOW OFF?
Do you have money issues or what I call messes with money that you’re ready to clear up?
Do you notice that your mood levels or body has changed?
Do you see that its time but still activate a cycle of self sabotage?
Do you worry about money, your business, your relationships currently?

All of these things above are ways that call you to your BIGGER purpose in life.. but many don’t see it that way. All of these things that you are experiencing are because of your alignment. I call them blocks and they can be energetic, emotional, mental, and physical but the good thing is that they can be cleared up.

The first step is always awareness…

Sit for a moment right now and just notice:
What are you aware of now?

Do you need to align to prosperity rather than chaos or let go of something that has been weighing you down and keeping things heavy in your business?

For many of you … you may need to work with an aligned mentor like me by your side, you may need to hire the right people for your biz, you’ll have to find the right systems for you, and go into group programs that FEED your soul not make you feel dizzy with info, confused, angry, depressed that you’re just not getting it, alone, or remedial regurgitated information that you just spent over 1k to listen to again..icky.

One more thing to look at.. You!!

You’ll need to change your attitude if you want to prosper in your biz and life. Energetically you are drawing things in and just knowing that you are is not stopping them from happening.. you must do something different to receive different results.

I want to personally invite you to come to our free KICK Off call on: HOW to Have a RICH Spiritual Business Journey this March

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