How your minds attract ideas and thoughts and energy!

Here’s a fun example:

Have you ever had the most beautiful coat or sweater that you just loved so much it felt good, you have it because it’s gorgeous and everyone complimented you in it and you just loved wearing it because you felt like a million bucks in it…feels comfy yes… okay then one day after a long trip you decide to take a look into your closet and you see that your beautiful sweater was somehow used as cat bed AHHH! You think it may have attracted a moth or two as well. You ask yourself…how could this happen?

…was it because you left the lid open to the box while you were out on your trip? Was it because your cleaning person was not careful with your items, was it….what???? the list can be long here, would you agree? The result is that now your sweater is now full of cat hair, has a few little holes in it and your energy and all JOY just dropped to the floor.

So what do you do?? Your mind begins to race… I can clean it, I can sew it, I can what what can you do..?-

You clean it and repair it as much as you can or have a professional do it! You take a good look in your closet * While in your closet now you noticed how things just kept adding up, wow your closet is full of clothes, you have a bunch of old clothes mixed in with the new, some fit and some just don’t fit anymore, some you love and others you want to let go of but you still haven’t . You have new clothes with the tags still on them you buy new ones but they are all mixed in there with the old and the ones that don’t fit. How could you let this get this way, you ask yourself..

Well the same happens to your energy you BUILD UP energy You BUILD UP thoughts and you BUILD UP beliefs that need to be sorted out and tossed away because they don’t fit! You need a professional to help you sort out your energy and your mindset beliefs and help you align to your goals powerfully for help!

Are you ready to SPRING Into Prosperous Mindset & Energy-

“THE MENTAL DETOX” with Mimi Quick



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