For Coaches, Healers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

 Are You Ready to…

Raise Your Vibration, Align Your Energy, Strengthen Your

Intuition And PROSPER

in Your Business with Spirit?


 Being connected to spirit & Evolving with spiritual studies has been a divine truth in my life and business for over 20 years. This invisible substance is “the key” to any success in your business and life.  As a master teacher of energy, how to heal your body, heal your mind, and heal your life from non serving beliefs, to clear stuck points in business, I discovered that teaching many of you how to help you activate and Evolve Your Energy In Business, it was a HUGE Key to success.

Partnering with high energetic expert mentors and  having grounded, real time solid foundational how to steps and systems to set you up for success, is a must!

May 2013 day 2 Align to Prosper Intensive

In this 15 week module step by step energetic and practical step (align) system- I will personally teach,  guide & walk you through


 You must notice… How you think about business, what do you feel about business and who you really are in business all this plays a huge role in attracting clients, selling your services and programs.  Your Energy In Business will either take you closer to your ideal clients, desires, money goals or further away.


 How you Feel :Many of you have not been taught to use your energy and your mind in a way that you align to get the results that you want to see in your business and in your life, or you have stuck energy in your mindset, beliefs, and in your everyday business practices that do not allow you to move past your current experience.

Mimi intensives align

It’s not just an airy concept. Think about it. If you are stuck in overwhelm, confusion and lack thinking then you will attract that. Where is your energy focused most of the time? If it focused on fear and limitation you will receive more of that. There is work required of you, the work that I am referring to involves you taking a deeper look within to create a deep transformation and a shift in thinking, being and doing.

Here is what my clients have said was the toughest part for them in their  transformation and how easily we were able to clear this up with our 15 week program: To get out of their own way, Let go & Let spirit REALLY guide them.

  YOUR ENERGY IN BUSINESS and life is valuable and many of you are simply not noticing the RICHES, The GOLD within you so you allow others to take from you and your energy!

When will you say ENOUGH!


YES! I will speak up!


There is a very real question you must answer honestly: Are you ready to really embrace who you really are with your unique gifts release the lack patterns, limiting thoughts, blocks and align  your energy and mindset so the REAL You can shift your energy and begin to prosper in your business? Are you willing to be HONEST about that right now?

mimi pic spark

 Are you willing and ready to let go of the un – serving energy patterns and lack mindset beliefs to travel the path that you so desire at a heart level for you in your business?

ARE YOU READY FOR  TRUE UPLEVELING & CLEARING of Your Energy, Space, and  to allow for more what you really want to show up?

 You know the path that is calling you because it is the secret path that you….

 Dream about

 Cry about (when you are alone)

Wish you were on and living now


IS Directly Connected To Your Life Purpose

So you ask yourself the same questions the spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers before you have:

 How come I am not there yet? What is in my way? Why am I struggling so much with this? It looks so easy, why am I making it hard? (This creates very low energy in and around you.) There has to be an easier way to all of this! Right?

At this point its easy for me to say to you that yes, there are sub conscious beliefs that are holding you back from the business you want if you are not experiencing the success you desire and emotional stuck-points.

You must make a powerful decision to take the first step to….
CLEAR, Evolve & Prosper.

The Energy that you set everyday and carry with you can either take you closer to your goal or keep you far away from it.

To make a positive difference and prosper on your true path you will have to let go what is limiting you and let spirit lead you in your business and life!

Many of you have become dis enchanted! You have told me that you have done the work on your own with specialized coaches, marketers, and business experts and you are not much further than you were. Here is my answer to you and please hear it as lovingly as you possibly can – ready? Okay, You are not aligned energetically and in your mindset (thinking) & ENERGY to receive the results that you deeply desire!

You are not being 100% honest with yourself

You’d rather let someone else tell you what to do and how to do

You are not taking responsibility for your success

But, I also know that you are much like ME in the sense that:

You love to be in a space with HIGH VIBRATIONAL ENERGY People who are real, do what they say they do and love it!

And, with high vibrational support in a powerful loving way that inspires you and empowers you to shift quickly and take action.

You can learn and are willing, open and eager to begin to stand up and be powerful and lead.

No more falling back on to fear based models and scarcity programs where you feel depleated, deflated, and disappointed. Activating an old pattern of self beat up, lower thinking, and low energy, all over again. okay?

I am here to take a powerful stand for you and tell you to STOP the cycle of confusion, chaos, struggle, and pain in your business and life. I am here to powerfully come in and help you connect back to your most authentic piece of who you are YOUR TRUE SPIRIT so you can make a Positive SHIFT and create Change in the world and Prosper! 

It’s time to receive insight, coaching, and energy clearing around how to:

Discover & Release Your Blocks to Money!

Discover & Release Your Fears that Stop you and hold you back from Being Successful!

Discover & Release  Your Blocks to Feeling Unworthy!

Discover & Release Your Blocks to Being Visible!

Discover & Release Your  Blocks to Asking for Money!

Discover & Release Your Blocks to Selling Your Products & Services!

& much more

You see! As your powerful spiritual teacher, guide and consciousness mentor  I will walk you through powerful step by step spiritual processes, clearing subconscious beliefs, patterns and cycles that you have been running on so you can Evolve Your Energy In Business and help begin and new level of results. I have been there I know what it feels like to be mis understood, labeled and set to the side because there was no box I could fit into ( I mean think about it: having the gift of clear sight, knowing, healing, hearing, and sensing is a blessing-)

My wake up call: I had to really step up in my business. I heard a powerful whisper that gave me chills – “if it’s to be it’s up to me” . I felt empowered in that moment as I realized the universe was speaking to me to LEAD & teach more women what I knew about ENERGY and how they too could begin to feel free and prosper by doing what they loved!

Just moments before that I received a call from a woman who was very successful but was in fear, and overwhelm, she felt like she was in a black cloud. I knew that she could have instant freedom if she applied one of my special processes.

Then something really cool happened I actually saw a vision of people who needed my help in this area  and I turned to the Universe my divine source and said, I will do whatever you ask of me show me the way to creating my business….  and the whisper came it was ” I am here” You can do this”

STEP 1- LISTEN & follow with unwavering faith:  The Universe my Divine Source said “Use what you have learned and I will guide you” Asking the universe was not a new concept for me in 1998 I healed myself with spirit and amazed friends, family and doctors as they had said that I couldn’t – My mentor taught me that EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING is possible!  SO I knew what was expected of me now on this road to creating prosperous spiritual business with my gifts there was alot of upleveling for me to do in my mindset, and my energy if I was to reach the heights that I had asked for.  I listened to God Source with Faith!

With each Step I took Spirit showed me the way

& The step by step system that I will teach all of you too. 

Step 2 –  Then the Universe, Divine God Source shared with me the next step I had to activate FAITH:

I will teach you how to do that too with (you must begin to trust the answers you receive)

Step 3- I was then guided to the online world, again I was asked to take A HUGE  LEAP of FAITH (another investment this time high five figures, again this was part of the path I was shown that it was time to get visible in a HUGE way and help many more people with my gifts.

I was UPLEVELING my ENERGY & Expanding my field.

Little did I know that the universe had even bigger plans for me when I got there

 It was not only for me to learn to create my newsletter, create my website, market to my ideal clients to reach more people but to experience everything you may be going through right now and help you get to the other side where there is clarity, direction, flow & LIGHT. (your rich energy and rich mindset)

 It was not only to invest HUGE amounts of money= energy for my evolution and growth in masterminds that pushed me to evolve and grow my consciousness into a new more aligned money story but to teach you that you can evolve your money story too even if it is already good it can get even better. (I will teach you a process to help you tap into making a good for you decsion so you can save thousands of dollars by only joining the ideal programs and mentors for you)

It was not only for me to feel and clear all of the confusion, fear, lower emotions, blocks, and change that goes along with Evolving in business, balancing a marriage of over 12 years with a loving husband, and balancing my time to be with my children, but to be that powerful leader who can help you do the same!

 I began to attract soul filled entrepreneurs who were experts & cared so deeply about their gifts and services YET, played a tug of war game with their mind and energy.

I was called by the Universe to serve with HIGHER Service to Help Entrepreneurs clear their blocks and fears around their energy in business success!

My clients wanted to attract their ideal clients and joyfully offer & sell their high end programs too, they wanted to release their fear and blocks to  money, and learn to manage their health. They needed balance and support to reach new heights in their business and so that is where  Your Energy In Business was born.

I began to fill my schedule with calls, interviews, radio shows, tele-summits, group calls, and then needed to evolve to  create systems to support my growth and evolution to the next business level where I could create a system to help more woman like me in Energy Management. 

You’ll learn to value yourself and what you do because it is that important!

**My clients ask me to help them create,  look over, and price their programs. Business owners asked me to take a deep look at what may be wrong in their business and help them shift it. My business quickly grew as you can see and more entrepreneurs were excited to work with me! 

 I had already backed up my expert status  with thousands of 1-1 sessions under my belt as a leadership coach and as a – spiritual teacher, healer, having received my BA in metaphysics, facilitating over 300 workshops, classes, speaking,  healings and business and life readings for people since my teens as a psychic…

Coaching since 2007 leading successful leadership teams I noticed what was missing was SPIRITUAL CONNECTION and real unserstanding of energy not just the 5 min ritual you do everyday while being in your  Head Space but a HEART FILLED SPACE with so much Love.

I know that there is a BRIGHT Side to all of this but you must connect with your TRUE SELF to get there I can help you cross that bridge when you are ready!

Listen : Being born with such a huge gift to see energy, read energy, and know what will happen next was a massive gift for any child to experience. I naturally attracted people who needed clearing, insight, clarity and direction in life and business, as ,my gifts evolved I evolved into offering workshops, leadership coaching, studying metaphysics, programs and that filled the need of reconnection to real spirit.

 I really felt called by spirit to step out and up into this world of online marketing, to reach more people and lead with teachings  to help them get their energy managed, their message and their work out to more of their ideal clients. I instinctively knew this was part of my spiritual path however the HUGE vision created overwhelm and entrepreneurial fear that I had to clear sometimes on a daily basis and that is when I WISHED that I had what I have now created for you!

 I Evolved into the person that true spirit knew I was to be. I AM

To my surprise spirit had another reason for guiding me to the online world, social media, and the 5 figure  masterminds that I invested in. It was to help divine entrepreneurs just like you, right in front of me who were struggling, in pain, confused, overwhelmed,and not aligned with spirit. So I can teach you how to Align Your Energy In Business

Your challenges are:

 Knowing your real worth

Charging for your powerful gifts in a way that is congruent with who you are

How to ask for money, sell your services and programs in a way that feels right to you

Feeling fear states that keep you stuck

 This is because no one has ever explained to you energy like I will. I will explain why and how this is important for you in your life and business, so far you all have been talked at to go and ask for the sale, as healers, coaches and divine entrepreneurs you know it’s not about the money and you get stuck.

  Let me tell you this my sacred entrepreneurs:

Your are not broken

There is nothing wrong with you

You can clear out limiting patterns and subconscious beliefs (I know because I did it successfully and I have helped our clients to do the same)

You must UNlearn what has been taught to you by naysayers, non believers, and ones who have not understood your magical and powerful capabilities to create change in the world with your gifts and all of your talents and abilities- quite frankly they do  not know how to understand them or even help you with such powerful work, it takes a master to know where you are and how to guide you on your next steps because they have been there and know the way out of the confusion, overwhelm and darkness.

You are worth more than what you have been giving yourself credit and 2013 is the time to powerfully get supported and make your dream a reality by being who you really are, activating responsible energy, taking divine action steps, and knowing your true value while being in service.

 Do you want to know How you can shift into a more energetically matched to alignment and be of service to your ideal clients, sell your programs, and activate prosperity?

This is EVOLVE your energy in business. A system that I have created for the divine entrepreneur, coach, healer to come into and step by step help you clear out the limiting beliefs, reprogram your mind, and evolve your energy into higher vibrational state where you can begin to attract and manifest what you want by clearing out what you don’t need first.

JOIN US So you can learn how to:

Discover  & Clear Your Blocks

Manage Your Energy In Business

 Align to Prosper

One thing that I offer my clients is belief! I believe that YOU have the power to accomplish what you want and I can help you clear what is in the way… you can do your divine work in the world.

Are you Ready?

Now ask your heart.

Now connect with your spirit.

….What are you guided to do right now?

Trust and reach out for a 1-1 sacred chat.

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